5 Secrets Successful People Don’t Tell You

By Dr. Sharon Ufberg from Elevate GenY

It’s common knowledge that successful people are hardworking and determined. And we can all imagine that they create lots of regular habits to facilitate their success . But what, specifically, are they doing that ensures their success? Below are the critical ways that the most successful people make sure they become and stay a success story:

1. They don’t spend time on stuff they’re not good at doing

Bakers bake, speakers speak and writers write. They do not spend their days doing spreadsheets or accounting. One of the best ways to get ahead is to spend your time on the things that you’re best at (which will be the activities that produce real results) and shift and outsource the other stuff to someone else with that expertise.

5 Secrets Successful People Don't Tell You

2. They create a morning ritual and stick to it

Most people are more productive before they start making contact with the outside world and all of the dozens of distractions that come along with it. Whether it is a short meditation, yoga workout or singing in the shower, successful people start their day with a morning ritual. Starting your day with a purposeful intention, that sets the stage for a day of productivity and achievement is a good idea that really works.

5 tips from successful people

3. They methodically plot out their goals

Successful people have clear goals and not only take the time to write them down somewhere, they take the time to break them down into smaller components. Successful people put their goals on their calendar, scheduling tasks that lead them towards their success on a daily basis. (This includes planning for their down time, too, by the way). Creating opportunities for social interaction and fun is part of what makes for a well-rounded, rich and successful life. All work and no play makes for a very boring, unfulfilling life. Successful people make time for relationships, romance, play, rest and rejuvenation.

5 Secrets Successful People Don't Tell You - find a mentor for success

4. They find a mentor

Yes, it may still take long hours of work and dogged determination to reach the success you are seeking but finding a mentor helps—a lot. Look for that person who can show you the ropes and is willing to help guide you along your journey. Having a mentor is a huge advantage. Look for someone you admire, who may even scare you a little, and is who is willing to give you some time and good advice. Don’t be afraid to ask someone that appears outside your reach, surprisingly some of the busiest, most successful people are the most generous with their time and assistance.

5. They build networks and help others

As mentioned above, people that succeed don’t do it alone. And they do it with more than just a mentor. They tend to collaborate, socialize and are happy to lend a hand or make an introduction. Someone usually has helped them and they are happy to pay it forward and help someone else. Sitting behind a computer screen all day can build your business but getting out and connecting to other people and making authentic connections can lead to all kinds of opportunities that you can’t even imagine. Successful people know this and continue to look outside of themselves for ideas, suggestions and partners. And they are not afraid to take on a task or assignment that has nothing to do with their business but is just something that is helpful and good for someone else or the world.

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