5 Ways Women Must Care for Themselves

j0426512_phixr As modern women, we are a walking a tightrope, barely able to balance the needs of others and attempt to care for ourselves. Women that work outside the home must come home and do the ‘second shift’ of cooking, cleaning, and nurturing. Wives who stay home are often left feeling isolated and lonely. Stay home moms very often lack the much needed companionship and support of other women.

Women must have the emotional resources available to give love to their husbands and children. We have all heard the analogy to the airplane’s oxygen mask. In case of emergency, we are instructed to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before helping others. This is just like our daily lives because we can’t take care of others if we are about to collapse.

Here are 5 ways that women must pamper themselves. Remember, without caring for ourselves, we can’t properly care for others!

  1. Go To Sleep. Lack of sleep causes weight gain, depression, wrinkles and a short temper. Try to sleep 8 hours a day, but never ever let yourself get less than 6. Turn off that show you Tivo’d and get some rest!
  2. Get Your Blood Pumping. Everyday, weather permitting, go for a walk for 20-30 minutes. Put the kids in a stroller and load up on bikes. Find another Mommy in the neighborhood to join you for adult interaction. Just a bit of exercise will boost your health, happiness and your bottom!
  3. Pray. Researchers have proven time and time again that prayer is strongly associated with lower stress levels. If you are someone who has not tried prayer, I strongly recommend giving it a try.
  4. Reach Out to Your Friends. We are designed to love and support each other. Women with close friends, with whom they can safely share their emotions and thoughts, are much happier. So get talking: over coffee, on the phone, or online. It is imperative that you have a support network of loving friends.
  5. Look in the Mirror. I know, it is not fun, but take a few moments to examine what you see. How long has it been since you gave yourself attention? If it has been longer than you like, it is a perfect time to get this part of life in balance. Schedule a haircut, put on sunscreen and take a peek at your spring wardrobe. For lots of wonderful ideas check out the Fussy and Friends Fight the Frump series. There are hundreds of great ideas for taking care of yourself.

Join me at Blissfully Domestic Living to share your favorite ways to pamper yourself and to build new friendships. We have 350 fabulous friends already!

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    Dawn Fallon says:

    My name is Michael, my mother is an overworked registered nurse, housewife, and a mother of four, crazy extremely active children….I think this website will do her a world of good. Her name is Dawn and I’ve give her email address above and keep her spirits up….

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    Great post! As a working mother of 2 and a wife, taking care of me is always on the bottom of the list. But like you said, I can’t take care of others until I take care of myself first. Thanks for the reminder!