50 Ways to Spoil Your Man

It could be for Father’s Day. It could be for a birthday or an anniversary. No matter what the reason, there are times that call for your man to be spoiled. It seems so much harder to do that for the men. But when you think about it, you’ll find many ways to spoil your man and have some fun.

Adjust these suggestions for your husband, father, brother, or any other man in your life that you want to show how special he is. Get the kids involved. They can make him a crown and a robe for his kingly position. They can help make meals and go to events with him. It is all up to. Here is a list to get you started.

  1. Rub His Feet
  2. Tickets to Ballgame or Event
  3. Cook His Favorite Meal
  4. Make His Favorite Drink
  5. Make Homemade Bread
  6. Let Him Grill
  7. Give Him a Day to Himself
  8. King for the Day
  9. Romantic Dinner
  10. Breakfast in Bed
  11. Let Him Do Whatever He Wants
  12. Spend the Day with His Hobby
  13. Give Him a Man Cave
  14. Scavenger Hunt
  15. Paintball
  16. Spa
  17. Car Show
  18. Shopping
  19. No Nagging Day
  20. Go Camping
  21. Leave Love Notes Everywhere
  22. Let Him Sleep In
  23. Serve Him
  24. Romantic Evening
  25. Celebrate for a Week
  26. Invite His Mother to Dinner
  27. Dedicate a Song on the Radio to Him
  28. Personalize Deserts
  29. Let Him Have a Guys Day
  30. Go to the Zoo
  31. Picnic
  32. Buy Him Zany Gifts
  33. Amusement Park
  34. Buy Him a Puppy
  35. Put up a Banner in the Yard to Tell the World How You Feel
  36. Put on a Roast – But a Nice One
  37. Throw a Party
  38. Bar-B-Que
  39. This Is Your Life Event
  40. Go to a Movie
  41. Leave Him Alone for a Day
  42. Give Him a Helicopter Ride
  43. Send Him on a Vacation
  44. Bring Him Coffee in Bed
  45. Send Him Flowers
  46. Get in a Water Balloon Fight
  47. Hold Hands
  48. Let Him Decide on Where to Eat
  49. Ask Him What He Wants to Do
  50. Tell Him You Love Him


Show your love. Spoil your man. Check out his interests and give them to him. Every man is different. One might like going to a ballgame while another would prefer to spend the day in a bookstore. One will prefer to fish and another to play computer games. Spoil them with what they enjoy.

What do you think?