8 Great Gifts for the Photographer!

Last month we featured some Great Digital Gifts & given its popularity we thought it would be fun to feature some specific gifts for your favorite photographer. I’ve chosen 5 new gifts for this post that are unique as well as practical and would definitely be a welcome gift for an upcoming birthday, holiday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any other special day coming up, enjoy!


This cute Camera Tumbler would be a great gift for your favorite photographer! It holds 12 ounces of their favorite hot or cold beverage & it looks like a real DSLR Lens. There is a sliding open/close feature on top & it has a stainless steel interior, super fun!


Drone - Great digital GiftLast Christmas my Father purchased a Drone & we had a blast playing with it up at our Family Farm in Michigan. There are many different variations and price options but no matter what this is sure to please the inner-nerd in all of us!



This tiny clip on HD lens for mobile phones & digital cameras has the ability to capture tiny objects as well as wide angle options. It allows you to turn your mobile phone into a DSLR camera easily. The universal detachable clamp design will work on most mobile phones & tablets, how fun!


Cute Camera Strap - Great GiftI noticed one of these when I was at a sorority gathering last weekend & thought it was so cute. We have our “big girl camera” and it’s got the standard boring strap, but this would be fun to have a cute camera strap while we are on the sidelines or capturing the crowd during a game, what a great way to express your personality in a unique way!


Go Pro - Great Digital Gift

Back in the 80’s I remember my brother hitting the ski slopes with the camera on his shoulder and the VHS tape setup in a backpack. This is a definite “space age” gadget to me given how we grew up, but it’s just amazing how great these cameras are and how easy they are to use. Use the Go Pro gizmo to capture all of your family adventures then upload & share them on line in a snap!



I’ve seen my fair share of sports moms on the sidelines with their fancy cameras struggling underneath umbrellas in the rain, but this Waterproof Camera would sure come in handy when foul weather strikes.



I got my light kit on Amazon a few years ago & was looking to feature it in this article until I saw this one… I love this all in one photo studio for the fact that it’s super compact & portable. It has built in LED lighting & white/black backdrops. This 12×12 box collapses to store easily & there aren’t any exterior lights to worry about tripping (or tipping) over. This is truly a plug & play option that would be great for those that sell on Ebay or Amazon too!



You can’t have all the equipment without a place to keep it (this is the Professional Organizer in my speaking). This backpack has plenty of room for swapping out lenses, covers or SD cards. I like that it has exterior straps on the side for tripod storage too, very convenient!


Great digital Gifts

Be sure to check out my other post for some Great Digital Gift options & consider getting or giving a few of these goodies to friends or family, they’ll love it.

Are you adept at working an f-stop or just lucky to figure out the camera your iPhone?


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