Nature Craft- Acorn Fairies

Acorn Fairy Craft

On our last trek to the woods, we gathered seeds and leaves. My daughter was fascinated by the miniature acorns. The tops reminded her of fairy hats, so we pushed the books aside, gathered supplies, and created dolls. Here is how we did it:


  • Two complete acorns
  • One acorn top (optional)
  • Silk flower (stems and leaves removed)
  • Yarn for hair
  • Glue (I used hot glue)
  • Permanent ink or paint


  1. Glue silk flower on the top of one acorn. Glue second acorn (head) on top of the silk flower.
  2. If the bottom is unstable, add the optional acorn top for feet.
  3. Cut short pieces of yarn or string for hair. It can always be trimmed if uneven, so don’t worry about length. Put a line of glue around 3/4 of the top acorn just below the stem. Add yarn. Trim when glue dries.
  4. Draw or paint a face on the acorn.
  5. Enjoy your miniature treasure crafted from nature!


What do you think?



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    Avatar ProudAmericanMom says

    I saw this in a movie with Molly shannon in 2007.Is that where you got this idea? Its so cute. Thanks for putting up the directions.

  2. 5

    Thanks, Dawn! I was in many ways my daughter’s idea. She thought the tops looked like little hats.

  3. 6

    My 2 daughters would love this but I don’t know where to find acorns down here in Southern California. If you know of a place down here please let me know so I can spend the day with my girls doing a project like this. Thank you for the creative idea.

  4. 7

    Are you crafty, or what? I never would have thought of that.