Best Craft Apps and Online Resources

Best Craft Apps and Online Resources

The very fact that one can find mobile apps for crafters shows just how digital our generation has become! Our grandmothers never would have thought of things like stitch counters on a cell phone, or a Michael’s store app with inspirational videos on an iPad. And yet, here we are, talking about the best craft apps and online resources. Crazy, huh?

Free Apps for Crafters

MICHAELS -iPhone and Android
Michael’s fans will enjoy the project ideas and tips, shopping list creator, and the daily inspiration videos from Jo Pearson, a Michael’s consultant who talks about everything from paper craft to DIY Home Decor.

Craft Finder  – iPhone
This highly rated app (9 out of 10 stars) gives you step by step instructions with pictures and it allows you to organize your projects based on completion, currently working-on, or planning to make! With crafts for every age level and expertise, this app would be great for moms to find craft ideas for the kids!

Stich Counter for iPhoneStitchMinder – iPhone
Knitters and crocheters love StichMinder because it does all of the counting for them; track rows completed, pattern rows, increase and decreases. You can create a labels so that you can keep track of different parts of the pattern so you can see what you’ve completed. This app stores your counter information automatically so you never have to start over.

Projects Galore – Android
Offering the best of the best of DIY sites and ezine, this app rolls 13 blogs into one daily digest for your crafty pleasure! Sure to inspire, this app includes goodies from Shelterpop, Dollar Store Crafts, Make Magazine, DIY Life, Crafting a Green World, Geek Crafts and Hacked Gadgets.

Pinterest – iPhone
Let’s face it. We’re all addicted. But, crafters have their own special love for these online inspiration boards. If you read my Best Craft Blogger Boards on Pinterest you saw how crazy organized and downright gorgeous some of these boards can be! If you need inspiration, and you have an iPhone, get the Pinterest app.

SpinPicks – Android (iPhone coming soon!)
The best Android app for Pinterest fans is brand new and co-created by Blissfully Domestic’s own Heather Solos. You can spin, shake, click, swipe… all in the name of visual inspiration. Pinterest has never been so fun!

SpinPicks is also available online as a web app (in beta), so if you don’t have an Android phone, but you want to try it out, you can!

Arts and Crafts Coupons – Android
Get coupons for dozens of craft supply retail stores, all in one app!

Even more great craft apps and resources

Home Crafts – iPhone
Price: $.99
Enjoy craft tutorials for projects in all genres, skill levels and age groups. Instructional videos are constantly being updated so you and your kids never run out of projects.

Sketchbook – iPhone, Android and Blackberry
Price: $2.99
An on-the-go pocket sized sketch pad for documenting all of your crafty ideas. Using swipes and taps, Sketchbook allows you to draw, erase, and paint with color, by choosing different brushes, opacities and layers. You can zoom in up to 2,500 percent to work on fine details. With Sketchbook you can save all of your work for transfer to your PC where you can see a larger view, or print your work!

CSS Daily from Clear and Simple Stamps – iPhone
Price: $4.99
Papercfrafts on the go. Sweet! Perfect for paper crafters, this app gives you a brand new project every single day! Each project comes with step-by-step instructions and a complete materials list. You can even save your favorite crafts to a special folder so you can come back and craft them later!

Frabric Stash – iPhone
Price: $4.99
Take photos of all the fabric in your closet. Catelog, tag, and have on hand when you’re shopping for more fabric and accessories! This app is a fantastic resource for designers, quilters and people who sew.

Do you have a favorite craft app or helper not listed here? I’d love to hear about it!

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