Best Gift Ideas for Homeschool Moms

Do you have a homeschooling mom in your life?  Don’t have a clue about what to give her this year that will be useful and appreciated, and not become one more thing for her to dust?  Here’s a list of 7 perfect picks for homeschool moms to inspire your gift giving this year.

Housecleaning service
$15 -30 per hour.

An informal poll among the homeschool mothers showed a remarkably constant wish: someone else to clean up the mess.  Remember, moms and the children are at home, all day long.  They’re not just at home, but they are pulling out books, conducting science experiments, cooking meals and snacks, and living hard in their homes.  Show Mom you love her by paying someone else to clean the toilets. Maybe she’ll finally have time to read a book for herself!

Nook Simple Touch eReader

This device is amazingly useful.  It fits in a purse, can be read in bright sunlight, and will run for two months off a single battery charge.  The e-ink of black and white readers is easy on the eyes and reads just like a book, without the eyestrain and fatigue associated with long hours at the laptop or a tablet.  There are thousands of free books available for download, and they tend to be the classics and literary selections that are useful in the classroom.  Even better, students can’t claim they lost their book when it’s reading time.  It’s right there in the reader!


$10 and up

Homeschooling is often a thankless job, and a little reminder that her sacrifice is not in vain can lift her spirit on tough days.  A lovely necklace engraved with encouraging words- such as “Honor her for all her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the gate” ($10, Etsy) or “Her children will arise and call her blessed ($30, Etsy)- will help keep those sentiments close to her heart.

Gift cards

Let’s face it, most homeschooling families are by their nature one-income families.  A gift card for a treat or needed supplies is most welcome!  Homeschool mom favorites include The Container Store (to help corral all that school stuff), Amazon (books! And everything else!), or Starbucks for a needed pick-me-up.

Copco Sierra Tumbler

A perfect stocking stuffer, the cup is made of sturdy plastic and the straw features a special design at the end to keep drinks and smoothies perfectly mixed.  Teaching moms talk a lot and it’s always nice to have a drink nearby.  The lid and straw help prevent the floaties that are almost inevitable when drinking with a small child in your lap, and the tumbler can go in the dishwasher.

$ free

Homeschooling mothers always have the kids with them during the day.  Give her the gift of time to herself, and offer to take the kids for an afternoon- or even better, make it a standing date once a month.  Give Mom a chance to go to the dentist, get a haircut, or window shop all by herself.­­

Something completely ­personal to her
$ varies

Show the homeschool mom in your life that she is appreciated by choosing a gift that is uniquely h­­­er.  Has she always admired Matryoshka dolls?  Do vintage aprons make her swoon?   Has she always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes, but never gets around to signing up for a class?  You can’t go wrong if you keep her specific interests in mind, and nothing makes a woman feel more cherished than knowing someone took time to notice her likes and dislikes.

Above all, remember a kind word is always appreciated at any time of the year, and it doesn’t cost a dime.  Have fun surprising your homeschool mom!


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