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With the holidays coming up, there are going to be more and more social events to attend.  And if your kids are in school or sports, there are even more!  There is a lot to think about if you are attending an event.  What can we bring?  What time does it start?  What is the address?  Now imagine that you are the hostess!  All those questions are multiplied and you have a bunch more work to do.

I asked my Facebook fans to share their best hostess tips in hopes that they will help you!  (And me!)  I got a lot of really great answers!  I rounded them up and gave each person credit and shared what state they are from.  I hope you enjoy the best hostess tips!

Best Hostess Tips! Rock your holiday party hostess gifts

  • When your guests offer to bring something, take them up on the offer! Bottle of wine, bread, or dessert….people like to contribute and makes them feel welcomed! – Jerry F. from Washington
  • Prepare as much as you can but remember to take time to enjoy your guests and event as well! – Ashley W. from Wyoming

Quinoa salad can make a great hostess gift by taking pressure off the host for the entire meal. Easy but fancy salads like this quinoa berry salad is perfect for get togethers!

  • Relax! If everything isn’t quite Pinterest-perfect, it’s okay! – Trisha from Colorado
  • Let your guests want for nothing and send thank you notes! – Kerry L. from New Jersey
  • Remember why you are hosting and let that motivate you! – Tamarae E. from Colorado
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  • Outsource what doesn’t come easy to you for less stress. Hide as much as possible in doors you can keep closed.  – Kirsten O. from Texas
  • Don’t be so busy trying to perfect everything, that you ignore your guests. – Julie B. from California

Appetizers as a hostess gift like this avocado dip!Have some snacks for when you get busy.  This avocado buttermilk dressing is easy to whip up and will be sure to impress!

  • Don’t choose new or difficult dishes. Prepare what you do best. – Betty K. from Colorado
  • Always be prepared!  You plan for the best but thing sometimes things happen that you don’t plan for.  – Bobbie B. from Texas

What is your best hostess tip as we head into the holiday party season?

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