BlissDom Travel Prep – Must Have Necessities

BlissDom Travel Prep

If this is your first BlissDom, or you are a veteran of multiple conferences, it’s always handy to know what you may need.


The first item you need, of course, is a conference ticket. Until January 3, BlissDom tickets are $299. After that date prices rise to $399.

The next thing you need, is a room. This year BlissDom moves to Dallas and the fabulous Gaylord Texan. While not as large as the previous “home” in Nashville, you won’t be disappointed by our new location.

The atrium is beautifully laid out, there is a coffeeshop in “The Alamo”, the heated outdoor pool and hot tub are soothing and the hotel has a vineyard in the courtyard!

You’ll find special room rates on the BlissDom Conference website. If you’re looking for a roommate (or even if you’re not), be sure to join the BlissDom 13 Attendees group on Facebook.

Now, down to the nitty gritty…

What You Really NEED for BlissDom


At the Conference

For those of you flying to BlissDom, plan to check a bag. Unless you are a master packer, and your clothes condense well, a carry-on just won’t be enough space for Blissdom. Plus you will have more “stuff” to take  home.

While the answer you see flying around when the panic of “What do I wear?” sets in is usually , “Whatever you are comfortable in,” I’m going to state an obvious fact.

BlissDom is a professional conference.

You will meet dozens of companies and influential bloggers. When they remember you, you want them to remember someone who was pulled together and seemed sharp.

You can look professional in jeans. You don’t need a suit. {shudder} Let your personal style shine through. Wear clothing you are comfortable in, with a business casual mindset. And heels… If you wear them regularly, you’ll be fine wearing them at BlissDom. If you don’t, either bring a pair of flats to wear as you move through the hotel and then change to heels, or just wear cute flat shoes.

Evening Parties

BlissDom’s evening parties are legendary. Last year we were entertained by Rascal Flatts. The year before, Harry Connick Jr. set the mood. This is the time to let that sparkle shine! A LBD and funky jewelry! Sequins galore! Sky high heels and lots of sass! For the evening… Bring It!

In Your Room

If you’re rooming by yourself (a luxury many of us wish we could afford!) go ahead and act like you’re at home. Walk around in your underwear… Sit in bed with your computer til the wee hours… Watch trashy TV… No one is there to judge. But if you’re sharing with other ladies, well, let’s not offend, shall we?

  • Pack pajamas. Full on PJs. Tops and bottoms.
  • If you’re a light sleeper, consider a sleep mask and ear plugs. If you know you snore, bring ear plugs for your room mates.
  • With 2-4 gadget girls per room, you’re going to need power strips.

Think about late nights and early mornings. Bring aspirin and under-eye de-puffer.

At the Conference

In the conference rooms, you’ll see everything from laptops and iPads to voice recorders and {gasp!} pen and paper. Do what works for your own note-taking style.

To tote everything around, use something roomy (because there is always stuff) that you can comfortably tote around. It’s a good stretch of the legs from rooms to the conference area, so use something that won’t cause your shoulders to ache. Backpacks and wheeled bags are very common, though Epiphany totes are the coveted bag of choice.

  • If you heeded my earlier advice and packed a power strip, bring it down to the conference rooms. Just in case.
  • Don’t forget business cards, pens and a notepad. Some of the best tips and connections you will get will be found in the hallways between sessions.
  • Bring a smile.

Blogging is often a solitary business and mingling with online friends and relative strangers can be both liberating and terrifying. A genuine smile and kind word are possibly the most necessary items to bring to BlissDom.

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