Butterfly Feet – A Craft You Can Make With Your Kids

An Easy Craft for Kids – Butterfly Feet!

Here’s a remarkably easy craft that makes a delightful gift for grandparents, or a great decoration in the house. It’s a butterfly – made from your child’s footprints.

Butterfly footprint craft

Here’s your supply list for this craft:

  • two baby feet
  • washable, nontoxic, poster paint
  • old rags or sponge
  • thick cardstock or canvas
  • newspaper or tarp to cover work area<


Wash and dry your child’s feet.

Designate a work area and tape down some newspaper or a tarp – this could will get messy.

Lay out your cardstock or canvas and determine where you’d like the prints to go.

Get some damp rags ready and keep them very close by for quick clean up if things get out of hand.

Apply a thin layer of paint to one of your child’s feet with an old rag or sponge. Use one color for the whole foot or one color for the top half and another color for the bottom.

Then firmly press the foot down on the cardstock. Position the foot so that the big toe is at the top outer edge of the butterfly wing.

Repeat the painting process for the other foot.

Press the other foot down next to the first one – about an inch away.

Butterfly footprint craft with painting

Allow the footprints to dry completely while you clean up your kid’s feet and marvel at how much of a mess you’ve made.

When prints are dry, use a sharpie to draw a simple butterfly body and antennae in the center of the butterfly.

Press your child’s thumbprint at the end of each antenna and you’ve got a fantastic little butterfly.

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    Thanks for this. My 3yr old did this with me this morning,inbetween me feeding my baby..it was a super quick but effective session!! 🙂