Candy Lei Necklace DIY

Have you ever made  a candy necklace? The first time I ever made these necklaces, I was looking for something different than cards for my child to take for “Friendship Day” (aka Valentine’s Day) at school.  It was a very Martha Stewart moment – I made 18 for the class and teachers. Whew!

 candy lei necklace

The good news? These are really very easy with lots of room for personalization.  Change the candy, change the ribbon, use colored plastic wrap, add a To/From tag – the options are endless.

Here’s the basics of what you’ll need:

Plastic Wrap

Candy ( demonstrated here is a “kiss” ) – 15 pieces

Ribbon – 15  5-6″lengths


Measure off  plastic wrap – I used 50”   which will make for a nice finished length .

space out candy

Lay the wrap out and position the candies – about 2” in from the edge and then space them 3 – 4” apart.

ready for ribbon

Bring the edge of the wrap over the candy and then slowly roll, keeping the separation between candies.

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ribbon pieces

Space out ribbon

When you have finished the roll, place a length of ribbon between each candy. Mine measure 5 – 6”.

tie ribbon on

Tie each ribbon in a bow or knot (your preference).

tied ribbon

Tie the ends together to make a necklace.




It’s a perfect gift for a teacher or anyone else you are “sweet” on.

What do you think?