Capturing Candid Wedding Moments

With spring and summer approaching it is time to think about weddings. Wedding days are a momentous day that be a blur of excitement and emotions. Every bride has her ‘must take’ photos for her special day. But don’t forget these fun candid ideas to capture all the fun and love of your wedding day!

1. The Bride

shoeFind the bride in the last quiet moments of the day for some stunning picture opportunities. (Photo Credit: Bridal Expo Chicago)

2. Father of the Bride

bridal-roomWhile the bride is busy getting ready to walk down the aisle, don’t forget the father of the bride. Don’t worry about capturing his face. This angle speaks volumes as to what this Dad is feeling and includes his faithful canine companion. (Photo Credit: Art Vision)

3. Finishing Touches

prepSneak in while the bridesmaids are primping the bride for her walk down the aisle or bustling her train before the reception. This angle doesn’t single anyone out and emphasizes the group effort. (Photo Credit: Kate Ignatowski)

4. Speeches

speechReception speeches offer a great opportunity to capture the great facial expressions of the wedding party, especially the bride and groom. (Photo Credit: Chicago Wedding Photography)

5. The Couple

laughingIt won’t take too much work to capture the newly married couple in gleeful expressions. I love the genuine laugh and sincerity captured in this picture. (Photo Credit: First Blush Photos)

6. The Getaway

getawayTucked away in the backseat, the couple happily waves to their friends and family as they start their life together. Even better is the fact they captured on of the groomsmen’s expression in the back window! (Photo Credit: Photography by Dean)


7. Attention To Detail

veilWhether the bride is fixing her make-up or adjusting her veil, finding the small moments provides a beautiful backdrop for a picture. (Photo Credit: Cobalt Photography)

8. Goofing Around

ringWhile this may have not been a completely candid shot, it does capture the fun of friendship and boys being boys. (Photo Credit: Wedcow)

9. Private Moments

backsWhile the wedding couple has to be ‘on’ all day, catching them in a quiet alone moment speaks volumes in a photo. (Photo Credit: Wedding Help)

10. Children

little girlChildren can provide tons of photo opportunities at weddings. Whether it is capturing their sheer innocence, or maybe their naughty side, you are sure to find some great opportunities when children are involved. (Photo Credit: Camera A Photography)

Leaving disposable cameras on the reception table is another way to capture candid wedding day photos or enlist the help of a camera savvy friend.

What were some of your favorite candid captures from your wedding day? Share in the comments of on our Facebook page!

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