Cereal Box Cut-Out Crafts Mobile

Making a brightly colored mobile is a fun way to use up those cereal boxes you may have sitting in the recycling bin.

I made this mobile to hang over our changing table and distract my wiggly baby. Colorful cereal box mobile

I tried to keep the materials to a minimum, using the cereal box circle cut-outs almost exclusively.  I did add cut straws for depth and buttons to secure the bottom of each hanging element.  Following are instructions for making your own.


  • cereal boxes, some brightly colored
  • embroidery hoop, I used a 10″ hoop
  • sewing tape measure
  • cutting mat (if using circle cutter)
  • hole punch (like this or this)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • string
  • craft glue
  • straws, about 2 or 3
  • circle cutter or compass (or round traceable objects) with pencil and scissors
  • buttons

1. Begin by cutting several circles from your cardboard in varying sizes and colors (not nearly as many as I have shown in the picture below unless you’re making a hundred mobiles).  Cut your straws to varying lengths.  Lay out your circles by color or size.

2. Measure the circumference and the height of your embroidery hoop.  Cut a piece of cardboard to match your measurements.  Glue the piece to the outside your hoop.  Set aside.

Measuring baby mobile cereal cut outs

3. Cut varied lengths of string according to how long you’d like your elements to hang.  I looped my string through the button and doubled it up to the top as if threading a needle.  Begin designing your hangings, punch holes in the center of the cardboard circles you’ll be using, and thread the pieces (circles and straws) down the string.  Alternate your colored and patterned circles with upside down circles (revealing the back instead of the front).

Assembling the cereal box mobile

4. Remove the inner ring from the hoop frame and tie your strings to it.  Cut three additional strings of equal length to knot at three points around your hoop, then knot together at the ends to hang from a hook. Replace the inner ring and tighten the frame.  Hang your mobile!

Cereal box mobile hanging for fun color

Simple, colorful and inexpensive to put together. This would be a fun craft for a big brother or sister to put together for a new baby to help them feel involved.

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    Love them! Super cute.

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    Nice work! Very colorful and I love the recycling aspect!

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    Oh how cute! I’ll be linking to this.