5 DIY Chore Charts for Kids

Every year I feel the need to re-assess the current chore assignments, or the chore charts, in our home. With five kids, if done correctly, our family could have a tidy home on a daily basis.  Of course, I keep all of our chores age appropriate. My twelve-year-old does things like cleaning the bathrooms and starting laundry, where as my seven-year-old works on his bedroom or sweeping off the back porch. I also don’t want to overwhelm them. Each child has 1-2 chores per day.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been on the lookout for a chore chart that would be both easy to follow AND fun for the kids. I’ve come across a few that I think are both practical and fun. I think you’ll agree.

Age Appropriate chores for kids

/1/ Family Photo Magnetic Chore Chart – Create magnet tags with chores and place them on or near the family member that needs to complete the task. When they’re finished they can move the magnet to the side border for storing.

Age Appropriate Chore Chart With Magnetic Chore Charts

/2/ Photo Chore Chart – For smaller children who aren’t able to read yet can be given photo descriptions of their chores. For example, a picture of a plate and a fork indicating they need to clear the dinner table.

Work for Hire Chore Charts - Age appropriate chore chart

/3/ Work for Hire Board – Do you give your children an allowance for the chores that they do?My children do chores in our home to contribute to our family. They do NOT get paid an allowance. However, they are some “jobs” that I offer for payment. For instance, washing Dad’s car isn’t a weekly chore but, if the older children would like to wash it they can get paid $5. With all of that being said, I like this Work for Hire board a lot. When the kids are finished with their homework and regular daily chores they can go to the “job” board and make a few extra dollars!

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Feed the Monster Chore Chart

/4/ Feed Your Monster Chore Chart – How many kids can say they get to feed their monster cookies, after they do their chores? Your child won’t hesitate to get her room clean if it means she gets to feed her monster. After all, she doesn’t want him to go hungry!

Toy Jail Chore Chart Motivator

/5/ Toy Jail – This one may be my favorite. How many times have you told your kids to pick up their toys? And you mean it this time. I am constantly telling my children to take this or that to their rooms where it belongs. Too often I get so frustrated that I just want to throw the said toy in the trash. {for real!} This system here just might work. If they want the toys that they left out, they’ll have to work for them!

What chore method works in your home? Do you have a chore chart? Do your kids do chores? Tell us all about it on our Facebook page

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