Christmas Gifts for Men: What To Buy Your Husband This Year

Christmas Gifts for Men: What to Buy Your Husband this Year

I find it difficult to shop for my husband for two reasons. The first is that he tends to buy whatever he wants the day it comes out. This means he may get a birthday present weeks early, and he struggles with waiting to open Christmas presents. The other problem is that he is very particular about the make or model of whatever he currently wants. He loves to research, and so it can be difficult to make sure I have exactly the right model. Here are some ideas that will make shopping for your husband just a bit easier this holiday season.

Technology Gifts

The iPad Mini is a great gift if your husband does not already have a tablet, or is looking for something that offers a bit more than a smart phone. The iPad Mini is the perfect size and balance for a portable computer. The interface is great, and it will change the way you use technology. The trick with this gift is actually letting your husband use it. You and the kids may be fighting over it too. It is available for $329.00.


If you want a tablet computer, but your husband is just not a Mac person, you may want to consider giving him the Galaxy Tab 2 this year. This is the best competition to the iPad, as far as features and functionality. You have the option to purchase a 7 inch model at $199.00 or the 10.1 inch model for $349.00.


Give the Gift of Game

If your husband is looking for a way to relate to the kids, or you are looking for a way to create some family time, you may want to consider giving him a board game this year. Ticket to Ride is a fun easy to play game that appeals to all age levels. The purpose of the game is to build railroads across the country. You will gain points for completing missions and for building the longest track.


If your husband loves fantasy or telling stories to your kids, then Mice and Mystics from Plaid Hat Games offers a chance to explore a fantasy world. This game focuses on taking a group of mice on an adventure. This is a guided story with moves the characters take to beat the level. It is comparative, which means you all have to work together. This also makes it easier to include younger kids in game play.

Think Subscription Ideas

One of the best gifts I gave my husband last year was an annual subscription to Audible. He has enjoyed listening to a new book each month on his commute. An Audible subscription is just $7.49 a month. There are options for every interest. You can add the sports channel package to your cable package, or pay for an online subscription for his gaming system, like Xbox Live. The cost starts at $8.33 a month for a family subscription. Another option is a subscription to Spotify for just$9.99 a month. This is a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year.

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