Coloring Easter Eggs Naturally


Have you ever dyed Easter eggs with natural dyes from Mother Nature?  The colors that emerge might surprise you. Coffee grounds will produce a light chocolate color and tea bags a reddish brown. With coffee & tea bags, you put 4 Tbs. of coffee grounds or about 12 tea bags, 1 Tbs. white vinegar &  enough water to cover the eggs in a pot and boil for about 15 minutes. I usually cut open the tea bags.

The gorgeous copper color came from onion skins and the blue from red cabbage leaves. I used about 3 tablespoons of  turmeric and 1 Tbs. vinegar to acheive  this sunny golden color and red beets produced a light mauve.

To make a mottled looking egg with onion skins, wrap the paper thin skin around the egg, place in a pot with water about 1 inch above the eggs, put a few more skins on top and boil for about 5 minutes, then set aside for an hour. Remove to paper towels to dry.

To use vegetables, you’ll need about 2 cups of material and 1 Tbs. white vinegar in a pot of water & boil for 15 minutes. Then add room temperature eggs……make sure there’s enough water to cover the eggs & boil again for 15 minutes. To use herbs, do the same, but add about 3 Tbs. of herbs, or more to get the desired effect.

Leave the eggs sit in the water for more color, that’s the trick. To shine the eggs just rub them with vegetable oil.


Aren’t they pretty? Learning to dye eggs naturally might be a project your family would enjoy.

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    Whoa! These are SO cool! this will be fun! Thanks! Happy Easter! God bless you! 🙂

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    I am SO doing this next year!! My aunt did this when I was a kid – what great memories. Can’t wait to make these memories with my little one! Thanks for sharing!

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    The colors are absolutely gorgeous!! I am so glad I found this link… looks like I need to buy more eggs.

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    I like Coloring Easter Eggs Naturally!!!!!
    I am suggesting some nice Easter stuff

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    Thanks Debra, sorry, was my mistake, I skimread the last couple of paragraphs, thinking I’d grasped how to do it by then 🙂
    Happy Easter.

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    These are beautiful! I will be linking to your article in a post I’m working on. Have a Happy Easter!

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    Gorgeous – I presume we should hardboil the eggs first so should we pierce them to get the white and yolk out first?

    Brilliant idea, thank you

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      No, I don’t hardboil the eggs first. They get hardboiled when they are boiling in the dye. Maybe the directions weren’t clear…..boil the eggs in the dye for about 15 min. and then let them sit in the dye for an hour or so.

      Hope that helps you,
      Thanks for asking.

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    SO Pretty! I love this!

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    Those are beautiful! Thanks for the ideas.

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    These are GORGEOUS!!!! My jaw dropped open…I love this idea!