Counting Bear Activities

Bear Counters are a fun, colorful tool for preschool through early elementary school. What can you do with them besides count?

    1. Patterns. Arrange the bears in patterns, simple to intricate, for your child to copy or complete.

Counting Bear Patterns

    1. Sorting. Mix all the bears together and let your preschooler sort them into the appropriate colored cups.

Counting Bears Sorting

    1. Math facts. Use the bears to illustrate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.

Counting Bears Adding

    1. One-to-one correspondence. Trace the shape of the bears’ base onto index cards, write the corresponding number and number word, and use the card to teach one-to-one correspondence, as well as number and number word recognition.

Counting Bears One to  One

  1. Graphs. Add some large square graph paper and use the bears to help your elementary-aged child understand and create graphs.
  2. Ratio. Counting bears make a great visual aid for understanding the concept of ratios.

What other uses have you found for counting bears?

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    Thank you for the wonderful ideas for using Counting Bears.