Creative Photo Backdrop Ideas


When I entered this photo of my daughter in the I Heart Faces “laughter” photo challenge, I got a lot of questions about the pink background.

Was I in a studio?

Where did I find that pink backdrop?

Here is my secret!


The hardest part was keeping her on the right side of the blanket. It’s way more fun to play behind it:-)

There are lots of ways you can create your own in-home studio backdrop on a budget.

1. Find a location with good natural light.

  • Face your backdrop towards the light source.
  • I moved the crib near a window and made sure to open the shutters wide.

2. Be creative.

  • Use a sheet, fabric, table cloth, or blanket.
  • For $8-$50 (depending on size), you can get a e roll of seamless paper in any color.

3. Find an easy solution for hanging your backdrop.

  • For small children:

Hang your backdrop over a crib, back of couch, table, chairs or kitchen counter.

  • For adults:

Hang your backdrop from a wall, stair rails, top of refrigerator or book shelf. Let it drape on the floor if you want a full body shot. You can hold the bottom in place with tape, bricks or something heavy you have around the house. If you have a portable clothes rack, those work great too!

4. Use tools.
Use tacks or self adhesive hooks to hang backdrops from walls. Safety pins and spring clamps are also great to have on hand to hold backdrops in place. Gaffer tape is a good type of tape to use for backdrops. It’s easy to tear and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

Be creative and have fun! My daughter and I had a blast at our photo shoot in her room:-)

What do you think?



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    Avatar Mary Ellen Fowler says

    Your photos are very creative & georgeous. Keep up the great work.

  2. 3

    some of my very favorite pics i took of our triplets as babies were made on a large remnant of black fabric that i draped over our headboard and onto the bed. super cheap. great photos!