Creative Summer Activities

Are you looking for some creative summer activities to do with the kids?  Here are several boredom busters from fellow bloggers.


This is Cocoa‘s  cool summer time calendar. It’s a a fun calendar to keep the kids busy in the summertime. I love it!!


Use this Photo Scavenger Hunt List for a pre-reader.  Make your own using your photos or magazine clippings or download weelifes pdfs for free.


Brandi creates a boredom buster box with things to do to dispel boredom on these long summer days.


This is Julie ‘s quiet bag idea. We missed the giveaway {{drat}} but I still wanted you to see what she has inside her bags.


Angie puts on a Silly Dilly Day Camp Day for her kiddos.  It’s a weekly themed activities her kids can earn if they complete their chores.


Carissa has a fun theme going over on her blog. It’s called Boredom Busters! Here’s her master list of the things her kids did last summer. Here’s part 2 of her Boredom Busters.


Look at Cristin’s summer fun idea! She writes little outings/things to do on small pieces of paper, tucks them in tiny envelopes, and puts them on a photo tree. Her kiddos love finding out what fun things they’ll be doing that day. Brilliant!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to make the most of your time with your children this summer.

What do you think?



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    I tack a huge piece of butcher paper to the fence in the backyard, then give my kids plates with a ton of paint and foam brushes, spray bottles with watered down paint and they also can use their hands to go nuts. They have a great time getting paint all over each other and even a little on the paper.

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    Thanks for the tips. I’d like to add one! Write and illustrate a children’s picture book. Your kids can do their own books or you can do one together. Best done lying in the sun on a blanket with paper and pens and paints scattered around you!

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      Great idea! My boys love to “write” their own stories, I usually end up writing on the back what they told me they “wrote” so we can read them in the future. Would you be interested in writing a post for us on this topic? If so contact me at sylvia{at}blissfullydomestic{dot}com!!

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    The photo scavenger hunt looks like something my kids would really love! Thanks for linking to my Cool Summer Days. I have a tutorial now on making your own:

    and an updated list here:

    Thanks Tip Junkie!!!

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    OHH MY HECK!!!!

    1) I love Tip Junkie (Hi Laurie 🙂

    2) I love Blissfully Domestic *Kiss kiss*

    3) THANKS A bundle for the link to my summer boredom busters… Let’s go rock this coming summer huh? I’m off to check the other awesome TIPS!