Dear Kids: 9 Simple Ways To Please Mom on Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day is almost here. As busy Mom’s, most of us don’t need much. Simple small acts of kindness from your family can add up to a fantastic day! If I could leave my kids a “Cheat Sheet” on what to do. Here’s what it would say:

11. Let Her Sleep – Mother’s day is that one day of the year when all moms should be left to sleep in! We run around so much during the weekday and on weekends that please let us get some much-needed rest!. That means to be very quiet around the house and do something productive such as reading a book (No electronics, please – Mom would like you to experience good old-fashioned play.)

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2. Care for Yourself – Today let her relax and take care of all grooming to meet mom’s expectations (brush teeth and hair, get dressed appropriately, take a shower and actually use the shampoo and soap).

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3. Make Your Meals – Make your own breakfast. In fact, give mom the entire day off from making meals. Older siblings help the younger ones. Dad, roll up your sleeves too. (Don’t forget Mom’s breakfast in bed after you let her sleep!)

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4. Tidy Up Inside and Outside – Time to get out the cleaning supplies and get busy. Clean up your room. Clean up the car. Throw out those old snack wraps, organize the toys, fold the laundry, organize the bookshelf – I’m sure there must be a special project that would make her very happy.


5. Sibling Love All Day – That’s right! No fighting allowed all day. Only sharing and cooperation, please! Use your wonderful social skills and be polite to your brother and sister. Need a refresher? We have lots of great books to review how to behave with good manners. In fact, here’s a great past article as a refresher. Hint: Print out this article and place it on the kitchen table. 🙂

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6. Put Away Electronics – This is going to be a hard one! Mom wants to see your eyes today and not compete with the phones, Ipads, computer games, television and more. One day ‘off the grid’ wouldn’t hurt, right?


7. Hugs and Kisses – Tell her how much you love and appreciate her. And give her those extra hugs and kisses that she deserves.


8. A Home-Made Gift – A drawing or a card to show that you care is enough. Click here for a great post for some great Mother’s Day DIY projects to pass on to Dad.


9. A Family Activity – Go out to dinner, watch a movie, play outside, find an old board game etc. Then please go to bed without fussing. A good night and I love you are all she needs today.

Shootings for the moon – maybe! Great Mother’s day even with partial completion – definitely.

Ladies, I hope you all have a wonderful, enjoyable day. Fingers-crossed your family remembers to take care of all those little things that fill up our busy days – maybe even leave out a little cheat sheet as a gentle reminder. Good luck and enjoy!

What do you hope for on Mother’s Day?


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