Dear Parents, It’s Not Our Fault!

My kids tell me all the time when I embarrass them. I’ve got news for them – while I love them with everything I’ve got, they’ve also found ways to embarrass me, too!

With reflection, it’s not my fault, and I don’t blame my kids either. The times we live in now are much different than when the parents of today were kids themselves. Digital technology has taken over nearly every facet of our lives, for us and our kids. Lost in the shuffle is the development of social skills and manners. Yet, these capabilities are still just as important as ever (ask any college recruiter, employer or someone new to your neighborhood)!

Maybe that’s what drove me to write The SMART Playbook. It took years of researching and drafting, but I did it. I’m not an expert, I’m just a Mom – that is a Mom with a Mission – to decode the unwritten rules of social grace for a modern world.

You know what, I’m glad I did it.  The kids helped me with the drafting, and are working on The SMART Playbook now. They inspired and encouraged the game format of the book. If nothing else, they know what is expected of them. It’s written down and they can refer to it whenever they want. They also can make a game of learning about manners and social skills, and they’re more motivated to put time into it than ever before.

Look, kids are kids. We all know that. Will I keep embarrassing them? You bet. Will they keep embarrassing me? Definitely. But they know the rules now. As they grow up, social skills and manners will be a more important part of their life. I gave it what I could, and I want to share with other families too!

The award-winning  The SMART Playbook offers a game plan for immediate satisfaction and long-term development. Give your kids the basic building blocks of a successful life; things like social skills, manners, confidence, and integrity.

If you’re a parent, caretakers or educator looking to engage your children, then look no further than The SMART Playbooks! Together we can help lay the foundation for your growing child. Check out this live interview with Fox News to learn more.

Take the SMART challenge this summer.  I hope you enjoy it!


Suzanne Wind
Mom with a Mission
Author of The SMART Playbooks –educational activity books for kids ages 3 and up.


Suzanne Wind About Suzanne Wind

Suzanne Wind is a wife, mom of three and author of the award-winning series, The SMART Playbook and Lil' Champs Play it SMART. Her passion is to empower parents to teach the next generation social skills that fit a modern world and are the key to their future successes. She writes about ideas and activities designed to help children gain confidence and character.
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