DIY Autumn Centerpiece

I love changing out my tablescapes every season but I don’t always want to see the same ones year after year. So this year I decided to try something different for fall. After scouring my pantry I came up with an inexpensive centerpiece that will get me through the Thanksgiving holiday using a glass vase, a candle and various colored beans. Easy, inexpensive and beautiful – what more can a girl ask for?


  • A glass vase or jar
  • An autumn colored candle
  • Various colored beans

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  • After selecting your centerpiece glass jar, place you fall candle in the container. be sure to double check that the candle is centered before adding you beans.
  • Next, add your first layer of beans or other autumn colored medium to the glass container.
  • Continue adding layers of beans until your container is just over half full.
  • Add a bow or garland around the bottom and you are all set. All that is left to do is place and enjoy!

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