11 Modern DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

In 2013, about 4 million babies were born in the United States. There were at least that many baby showers and possibly ten times that many gifts purchased. That’s 40 million gifts. I wonder how many among that number were handmade?? My guess is not many.

A handmade baby gift holds a meaning and value to the pregnant mommy that is second to none. A handmade bath towel or pair of booties is going to be treasured by that mommy for years after her new bundle of joy uses them. If you can sew or crochet, you can make a handmade baby shower gift. If you can use a pair of scissors or stamp with a stamp, you can make a handmade baby shower gift. I’ve got 11 Modern DIY Baby Shower Gifts with their tutorials to prove to you that YOU can do it!

Modern Baby Shower Gifts - 3 Cloud Mobile
/1/ Cloud Mobile – This mobile is perfect for a boy or a girl. Every baby will love seeing this beauty above his/her crib!

Modern Baby Shower Gifts - Soft Play Cubes for Babies

/2/ Soft Play Cubes –

Modern Baby Shower Gifts - Baby Wrap for Comfort

/3/ Baby Wrap – Any Mommy-To-Be will thank you over and over for this baby wrap. She will be able to keep Baby close and have both hands to go about her daily routine.

Modern Baby Shower Gifts - DIY Nursing Support Pillow

/4/ Nursing Pillow – Does your Mommy-To-Be plan to breastfeed? This nursing pillow is an essential among new breastfeeding mommys.

Modern Baby Shower Gifts - Teddy Bear Hoodie Towel

/5/ Teddy Bear Hooded Bath Towel – Wouldn’t her new bundle of joy look precious wrapped up in this towel after bath time? Give Teddy a bow to make this towel more girly.

Modern Baby Shower Gifts - Crocheted Princess Crown

/6/ Newborn Crown – Every little girl is a princess. She deserves to have a crown adorn her sweet little head.

Modern Baby Shower Gifts - Homemade Binky Clip

/7/ Pacifier Clip – Don’t let that paci hit the ground…er, save your Mommy-To-Be’s back from having to pick up her baby’s paci over and over. This pacifier clip will keep it attached to baby’s shirt or bib.

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Modern Baby Shower Gifts - Homemade Stylish Baby Bibs

/8/ Baby Bibs – Speaking of bibs, a new mommy can never get too many bibs. Her baby will need them for feeding, drooling and any other mess that comes his/her way. These have a soft terry cloth backing so they could also double as burp cloths.

Modern Baby Shower Gifts - Painted Onsies with Modern Arrow Print

/9/ Painted Arrow Onesie – So, you say you can sew or crochet. I bet you can create this arrow stamp {or any shape stamp} and make a handful of these onesies. What’s best about handmade clothing is that they are not like anything found in the stores.

Modern Baby Shower Gifts - DIY Leggings for Mix and Match Style

/10/ Super Simple Leggings – These soft knit leggings are perfect for both boys and girls. Make several pairs for the Mommy-To-Be because Baby can wear them with a simple onesie or a dressy tunic.

Modern Baby Shower Gifts - Soft Toms Inspired Soft Booties

/11/ Toms Inspired Baby Shoes – I can’t tell you how many times I hear {every day, all day} that my baby needs socks on her feet. I plan to make her a couple pairs of these to keep her little piggies warm. And stylish.

What is your go-to handmade baby shower gift? Will you share your ideas with us either in the comments or on our Facebook page?

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