Easy Halloween Costumes from Your Closet

I remember growing up we did not do a lot of trick-or-treating. We did, however, go to “Hallelujah Night “ or “Fall Festival” parties thrown by local churches (and sometimes we would hit up two or three of these “parties”. Oh, we were all about the candy!) I also remember how the brothers and I always had to go as a Bible character (had to as in that is what we wanted to be not simply had to).

Most of the time, my brothers wanted to go as Shepherds. Mom grabbed a bathrobe and rope, a pillowcase for head garb and found a stick out in the yard to be used as a staff (and just sometimes my brothers would be ultra cool and hide a water gun under their robes as well). One year, Mom made the Christian Solider from Ephesians 6 costume out of a can of silver spray paint and cardboard. That costume won numerous prizes and was in rotation between us kids through the years.

Lumberjacks are always super easy and fun costumes to create

This year, keeping the “do not spend a ton on Halloween costumes” mindset my mom always had, I rummaged through my daughter and son’s closets and came up with a couple of fun costumes that (a) did not break the bank and (b) are still fun to wear.

My daughter has the perfect red and black plaid dress. Paired with leggings, TOMs, and a black stocking hat (which of course she would not model for me), she is the absolutely cutest (and hippest) little lumberjack you ever did see. For little dudes, a plaid shirt, jeans, and suspenders would do it, and do not forget to draw on a beard with eyeliner!

She wanted a beard like Daddy and Gunk

(Elsie would have totally gone for a beard as well, but after an incident with markers and “drawing a ‘beerd’ just like daddy and Gunk, we try to discourage drawing on the face).

Another fun (and easy) costume is that of a Grecian god – or simply known as Toga Man at our house. Simply fold a white sheet in half, pin two corners at one shoulder, wrap and tie with a cord. If it is going to be chilly out, do not forget to wear sweats underneath!

There was jelly bean bribing involved for getting this photo… He still didn’t hold still very well.

More fun and simple costume ideas you can find in your closet:

Nerd: t-shirt, shorts, suspenders, knee-high socks, tennis shoes, and glasses
Old Man: white t-shirt, khaki pants, loafers, button up sweater, bow-tie, and glasses
Mary Poppins: Black skirt, shoes, tights, umbrella (optional), bag (optional), white button up shirt, and red string tie (red ribbon would work well)

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    Cute! When I was a teenager, I dressed all in white, made a makeshift halo and went as an angel. You can get really creative in your closet! My favorite makeshift Halloween costume last year was sushi. Wear all white, then put a throw pillow in a pink pillow case, tie it around your waist with a green scarf and voila! It turned out so cute!

    Cable Car Couture

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    With the Olympics having just taken place if your child has any type of summer sports gear, you could dress them up as an Olympian pretty easy too!