Easy Vlogging Topics

Unless you’ve had your head in the virtual sand you know that online video is growing in leaps and bounds. Since YouTube came on the scene in 2006 it has gotten easier every day for the busy mom blogger to make and upload a video. In November 09 (according to comscore video metrix) there were 170 million Americans that viewed video online. That’s only counting Americans, and I know vloggers in other countries.

Photo by Bob B. Brown

So you know you need video on your website. You think vlogging is a great way to add video and connect with your readers. You are right. You know the basic steps of vlogging, but you don’t know what to talk about.

If you can blog it you can vlog it.

Think of what you want to write about. Can you video it instead of just snapping a picture?

Videos can be used in any topic. Do you have a…

  • learning site? Make a tutorial.
  • memoir site? Make a lifecast.
  • cooking site? Show a recipe.
  • review site? Do a live review.

An about video is always a good place to start.

Add your about video to your sidebar or about page and connect faster with your readers.

If you have an activity to video – that’s great. If you don’t – don’t worry about it. Talk to your readers. They are your friends, right? It’s great to have something to show them, but it’s even better to have a video on your site.

Think about what you normally write about and vlog it!

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