Embellishing for Beginners

Embellishing for Beginners
One of the main reasons a lot of people begin to sew is to make their own clothes. While it is amazing to be able to create your own clothes, embellishing clothes you already have is a bit less intimidating, and gives you much faster results than starting from scratch. Here are some easy ways to add a custom touch to your clothes:


This no-sew fabric flower tutorial from Wise Craft is a perfect Springtime addition to your jacket, bag or even a headband!

This Applique tutorial is shown for a quilt, but the same technique can be used to embellish an adult OR kids shirt (especially one with a wretched stain that won’t go away).

Martha Stewart has a number of ideas for embellishing simple tote bags that could easily translate into clothing as well!

Did you know you can use a bleach pen to decorate your jeans? Here is an easy tutorial to show you how to make your own “Rockstar” jeans – You could do this with all kinds of fabric!


Sew Subversive is a great book with ideas for embellishing and altering clothing and accessories for all levels of skill.

For the advanced Crafty Chick

Shaggy Mosaic Jeans (pictured above) are the creation of Megan from Brassy Apple(NEW site launching soon!) – she sells an e-book with detailed instructions, and soon will have do-it-yourself kits that come with the fabric to apply to your own jeans – and for the not-so-crafty, she will embellish the jeans that you send her!

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    Love the ideas. We did embroidered jeans in the first issue of Make It Mine magazine, and have seen a bunch of fabulous ideas on the web lately as well. Thanks for rounding up these links for everyone!


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    Oh wow….what a GREAT idea!!!! I am just starting to sew!! Thanks for sharing this!