Encouraging Kindness in a Game Format {Free Printable}

Encouraging Kindness (1)

As I dropped off my kids for the first day of school, I thought of how important it is as parents to foster and build our children’s character. Kindness is a big part of great character! The definition of kindness is the quality of being generous and considerate. Wonderful thoughtful kids are made not born.

That inspired me to create ways to remind my kids to spread kindness this year! Why not make a fun game format that challenges them to perform simple acts of kindness in school? Here are 13 acts of kindness to teach children to be nice and generous one good deed at a time:

  • Hold a door open for someone.
  • Thank someone for something they do.
  • Clean up after someone.
  • Help someone today.
  • Say “Hi” to someone new.
  • Push in someone’s chair.
  • Give a nice compliment.
  • Make a card for a great teacher.
  • Smile at someone new and say hello.
  • Let someone go before they ask.
  • Write a positive note to someone.
  • Sit by someone new lunch.
  • Sharpen someone’s pencils.

How Does the Game Work?

acts of kindness challenge (1)

It’s easy. Just print out this free kindness game format -PDF.pdf and challenge your child to complete it in a week or for the highly ambitious kid – in a day! The challenges are simple enough to be completed by all ages. In fact, grown-ups can participate too! Check off each mission once completed. Offer your child a wonderful dessert to reward their efforts once completed.

And for those of your that are really motivated, take the time to read books with your kids on kindness and compassion. Or color with your child and talk to them about kindness. Download this KIND-coloring-page.pdf (645 downloads) from the book Lil’ Champs Play it SMART: The Playful Way to Learn Social Skills and Manners to get you started – perfect for your little ones.

Ready, set, go! Are you and your kids ready to practice a little kindness every day?



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Suzanne Wind is a wife, mom of three and author of the award-winning series, The SMART Playbook and Lil' Champs Play it SMART. Her passion is to empower parents to teach the next generation social skills that fit a modern world and are the key to their future successes. She writes about ideas and activities designed to help children gain confidence and character.
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