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UltraYou Brunch powered by Intel and hosted by Alli Worthington. Tech + Heart = bliss

The tech-powered entrepreneurial community is in the middle of a boom. As technology has been adopted farther and farther around the world, we enjoy the ability to connect and enjoy endless opportunities to learn.

My generation is pioneering a new path, and defining success on their own terms, thanks to the empowerment that technology has made possible. The internet and the mind boggling processing power of accessible devices have given us an endless opportunity to learn, to build, and to connect.

I’ve written many times about my love for Intel. I love their passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and um, hello, they make processors that give us fast machines. No one wakes up one day and says, “What I really want is a painfully slow laptop so I can go jogging while I wait for it to finish opening that document.” I know, right? But what I love most about the company is the fact that they get it. They get the importance of entrepreneurs, the creatives, the dreamers and small business owners.

Inspired by the always cool Will.i.am’s trip around the world with an Ultrabook to soak up different cultures and make new music, I dreamed of a small group of ladies who could come together to support each other and help one another achieve great things. Intel, being awesome, sponsored the kickoff of the dream. The UltraYou Brunch was held after BlissDom and brought together some of the most amazing women online.

We geeked out over our Ultrabooks and shared our goals, our visions and shared the kind of jokes that only techies would find funny. The hilarious Lu Braxton made the funniest video about her new best friend, Misty Knight the Ultrabook, and I loved it so much, that I made a movie trailer about it. Yeah, it was that good.

The women in this mastermind group range from women who have built and sold tech companies, talented photographers, digital artists, corporate directors, Web developers and more. What do we all have in common? We all own small businesses. We are start up owners, consultants and artists. What else do we share?

We share a membership in the first generation of digital entrepreneurs. We share the responsibility to blaze trails and explore new territory and lay the foundation for generations to come. Our children, our grandchildren, our great-great-great grandchildren and so on. Our stories, our successes, our struggles, our wisdom is gathered and shared.

What are aspects that I hope stand out for the pioneering generation of digital entrepreneurs? Our conquering seemingly insurmountable odds, abilities, innovationstalent, creativity, bravery, insight, gifts, and  leadership.

We have the next generation to teach, after all.

The ladies who were part of the UltraYou brunch are all staying in touch as part of an ongoing mastermind group. We will work together to support each others projects, brainstorm, bounce ideas off each other and look for ways to build each other up. I’m so grateful for Intel for making this all possible, providing the amazing Ultrabooks and believing in the power of empowerment through technology.

Since the brunch, many of the UltraYou group have been active building UltraFabulous projects.

Heather Solos launched SpinPicks as a web app and Android app. “SpinPicks is a new application that brings you highly addictive one-click discovery of eye candy from visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitpic, Flickr CC, Reddit/R, YouTube, and PicPlz. SpinPicks also adds the ability to pin images directly to your Pinterest boards.”

Ria Sharon and her partners launched Hopeful World. “Hopeful World is a global classroom where wisdom, knowledge and stories seed the ground of personal transformation and social change. Our online classes and digital offerings encourage personal growth while creating revenue for development projects around the world. Hopeful World is an economic experiment in transforming our drive to learn into a source of revenue and funding for emerging leaders uniquely positioned to make a difference.”

Catherine Connors has visited the White House to discuss policy. She’s fancy like that.

Lucrecer Braxton is preparing to teach a class called “Mining for a heart of gold.” Join us as we share our narratives of gratitude and transition that can help you grow and shift your thought process to a more grateful one. Use our creative tools to become a miner for a heart of gold. We will give you writing, art, photography and meditative tools that you can use to dig deeper and explore the self that you know, the self that you love and care about — help it come out more. Find yourself and share your gold with the world.

What do you hope to leave the next generation online? A spirit of entrepreneurship? An example of building a strong community of like minded people? A creative spark that was fueled by the accessible resources online? As a pioneer, what will your legacy be?

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