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As summer comes to an end and our anticipation for fall grows bigger each day, many families start to think about having family photos taken. The holidays are rapidly approaching, the kids are back in school and the temperatures are a little bit cooler – fall is the perfect time to get professional photos taken. The number one question I get asked when a client books a session is, “What should we wear?!” It can be the most stressful part of taking photos, but with these tips you will be on your way to fun, stylish and beautiful family portraits.

1) Color – gone are the days of white t-shirts and jeans or every family member wearing the same outfit. Fall is a gorgeous time of year and the color of your clothes should reflect the season! Jewel tones are always a great option during this time of year. Their colors are deep, rich and photograph beautifully. Here is Pantone’s Fall Fashion Colors for 2013 and include mostly jewel tones!

Fall Photography Fashion Inspiration - Fall Colors of the Year


A great portrait incorporates a few colors that are in the same family, have the same tone and coordinate with each other. You want to stay away from being too “matchy matchy”. Here is a great visual of colors that coordinate beautifully together.

Fall Photography Inspiration Color Combinations

Fall Photography Inspiration Color Combinations

2) Texture By adding texture to your outfit you are creating a visually stimulating photograph without much effort! Chunky sweaters, knit scarves, denim jeans, crisp button down shirts – these are all great for fall weather and help to add dimension and interest to your photos. Check out this beautiful family and how the texture in their outfits really makes the photograph pop!

Fall Photography Fashion Inspiration Family Texture

3) Layers – Add a fashionable twist and keep warm at the same time! Layers are your key to fun, colorful and warm fall photos. Layers can help add pops of color and texture and are great for keeping warm (or cooling down, depending on what part of the country you live in) during the duration of your photo shoot. I love this family’s fun use of layering for the kids!

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Fall Photography Fashion Inspiration Family Layers

One last tip that I always give to my clients is to start thinking about everyone’s outfits at least a week before the photo shoot. Lay them all out on the bed or ground so you can see how they look side by side. If you can, leave the outfits out for a day or two so you can have a second look and make any changes (or additional purchases) well ahead of your photo session. You want to be as calm and relaxed as you can be the day of the shoot, so do your homework ahead of time!

What will you wear for your Fall Family Photos? 

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