Fall Theme Felt Board Characters and Activities

Free Fall Felt Board PrintablesIt’s that time of the year where the leaves change colors, and the smell of pumpkin pie is in the air. Fall is here! Take advantage of this beautiful season to teach several skills to the kids with fall themed felt board activities.

If you don’t already have a felt board at home, no need to worry. You can find easy instructions for making your own felt board by clicking on this link.

A fun way to teach is with music and rhymes. Have the kids sit with you and cut out the words and pictures to the fall rhymes that they’ll be learning. Once you’ve cut them out, glue felt or sandpaper on the backs so that they’ll stick to the board.

Rake Your Leaves Song

The first fall rhyme can be sung to the tune of Row, row row your boat. Here’s a link to this popular children’s song so you can remember the melody. Here are the fall themed lyrics:

Rake Your Leaves

Rake, rake, rake your leaves
Put them in a pile
Fall is here, Fall is fun
Always makes me smile

Rake Your Leaves Preview of Printable

Sing the song several times, making hand motions to illustrate the words. (Use your creativity for this.) Then have the kids match the verse to the corresponding picture.

Once they’ve finished matching, ask them which words rhyme in the song (pile and smile). They can also think of other words that rhyme. This helps build phonemic awareness and spelling skills. If the kids are older you can even have them write out a list of these words and create their own rhymes as a complimentary activity.

Download the pictures of the rhyme by clicking here.
Download the first verses of the rhyme by clicking here.
Download the second verses of the rhyme by clicking here.

Leaves Color Match

Since we’re on the topic of leaves and changing colors, spend some time talking about the autumn season. You can discuss several things with the kids such as why do seasons happen and what kind of changes in nature occur during this time. This page on Wikipedia has a lot of great information to talk about. Of course, adapt the activities to the age group you’re working with.

After you’ve talked about the fall season, do the color match felt board activity. Have each child match the leaf to the correct color word. For older kids, have them create a fall themed story using each of the color words. Later on they can take turns telling their stories on the felt board.

Leaves Color Match Preview of Printable

Download the leaves color match felt board activity by clicking here.

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