Finding a Common Interest with Your Spouse

A marriage is a wonderful union of two people who love each other. Nowhere does it say
that you have to have much in common to fall in love. But it is important that you find activities that they can do together to help strengthen the bonds of that union.

Different Interests

The odds are that the husband and wife have very different interests. You are, after all, two unique individuals. Having different interests is great. You shouldn’t be doing everything together, but you don’t want to take it too far. Why? Letting the different interests rule your marriage can damage your relationship.

Having different interests that keep you separate can put quite a bit of distance between a husband and wife. If a husband is so obsessed with his hunting, he could be telling his wife that hunting is more important than she is. The same can be said about a woman who would rather go shopping with friends or be involved in outside activities.

What can you do about it? Find a common interest that the two of you can share.

Finding that Common Interest

You sit down and you think of the things you have in common. An hour goes by and you find that you’ve come up with…… zilch! Don’t get depressed. It happens to most couples, but a common interest is there. You just can’t see it yet.

Start off by looking at the other person’s interests. Are you sure you might not be interested in some of those? Maybe your husband’s fishing always seemed interesting. If you’ve never gone, how do you know that you don’t like it? Try your spouse’s interests and see if they appeal to you. You might find that something your love does is the perfect couple’s activity.

If nothing your spouse likes grabs your attention, then look for things that you both might like but just never tried. For example, have either of you ever tried gardening? Maybe you could spend the days working together in the soil and finding something you never knew you liked.

There are so many things out there that couples can do together. A short list is:

  • Cycling – Getting out and getting exercise is a great activity you can do together.
  • Genealogy research – Spending time looking over your family’s history can actually be a great activity for couples. You can learn so much about each other.
  • Collecting items – You can collect anything. If you find that you both like antique trains, start spending time visiting antique malls and rummage sales.
  • Rock hounding – This is a great activity if you both find it interesting. You can spend the day outside during good weather spells collecting the rocks and spend the day inside when it’s bad pouring over what you found.
  • Remodeling – Some couples have found that they love to remodel and fix up things. Some have even bought run down homes and made it a couple’s activity in restoring them.
  • Hiking – This is another outdoor activity that can give you quality time together and time outside getting exercise.
  • Snowshoeing – Don’t let winter get you down. If you love cycling together in the summer, try snowshoeing in the winter.
  • Volunteering – Try volunteering together in your community. There is the volunteer fire department, schools, and many other organizations that you could work together with.
  • Learning/Teaching – How about going back to school together? Do you both like to learn and talk about various subjects? Go back to school and learn together. Maybe you could teach together. Couples have found that they can teach remodeling or other activities to others. Share your interests.
  • Dancing – Have you taken dance classes? Maybe you’re both light on your feet and didn’t know it.
  • Cooking – Take a cooking class together. Try making new ethnic dishes together.

You might find a good activity that you and your spouse will love to do. Maybe it could
become a life passion that you can fulfill together. Couples around the world have found that something they love to do together is a great business venture.

Ask yourself, “What have I always wanted to do?” Make a list. Have your spouse do the same. See what you have in common or if something on their list is a new idea you never thought of but are now interested. Experiment.

Keep trying new activities until you find a common interest. Don’t just give in and do what the other one wants. Find something you both like and can do with joy. You want to spend quality time together doing something fun.

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