First Birthday Snacks and Drinks

Celebrating babies first birthday is a very special event for family and friends.  To keep your sanity and baby’s attitude on the up and up, the key is to keep it simple! When it comes to party food you will probably have 3 ages of guests, the babies, the siblings (older children), and the adults.  Creating a spread of snacks  and drinks that will compliment each of your guests can sometimes be overwhelming but, just because you have quite a range of guests doesn’t mean you need a giant spread. Remember, you want the Birthday Boy/Girl to be the center of attention, and the day to memorable, not the elaborate array of food that kept you busy all day and left you too exhausted to enjoy the party.

When planning snacks and drinks for a 1st Birthday party:

Keep it Safe: Of course, when it comes to babies and snacks, you need to make sure safety comes first.  Hot dogs and peanut butter may not be the way to go.  Instead, grilled cheese or chicken salad sandwiches; crust-less and cut into triangles or other small shapes make them perfect for any size hand to grab.  Another choice might be quesadillas sliced into strips and served with guacamole and sour cream for dipping.


Keep it Healthy: A fresh fruit salad is always a party hit. Guests will be overjoyed to know not everything their children will consume that day is loaded with sugar.   Use soft fruits such as strawberries, grapes, kiwi, melons, mango, and peaches; no need to make two separate dishes, but be sure to quarter the strawberries and grapes to prevent choking hazards.

Keep it Simple: Use small colorful bowls to set out simple bite sized snacks for your guests small and tall.  Fill your bowls with whole grain cereals like O’s, whole grain crackers, dips, and raisins, and for a sweet treat “mini” marshmallows or fruit snacks.

Keep it Original: As you plan the day, don’t forget the cake!  Make sure to think outside the box and look for simple cakes will have your guests talking and leave the guest-of-honor smiling all day!

Keep it cool: No matter what venue you choose for the party:  your living room, the pool, a park or your backyard, make sure you have plenty of drinks on hand.  Water, lemonade, and juice are all good, budget friendly choices for any age guest. Juice boxes are convenient for younger guest, but you might even consider purchasing disposable Sippy cups for the babies and toddlers in the group. Use stickers or draw shapes on the cups along with their name to help the kids and parents to keep tabs on them.

The celebration of a milestone, the simplicity of the day, and the memories that will be made are priceless! Enjoy the day and Happy Birthday to your special blessing.

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