Five Simple Products Made Famous By Amazon Reviews

We all have read them, the hilarious reviews of simple products on Amazon. Reviews that claim a brush will give your kitty laser vision or a three ringed binder that will.

We gathered our top five picks of everyday products that went viral on Amazon.

1. Bristle Brush for Cats

Cat Brush Reviews on AmazonWhile a somewhat simple item, the lister accidentally posted the brush for $29, 900.00. I am guessing they added a few too many zeros when entering the price. This simple mistake prompted a public outpouring of hilarious comments.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 3.14.41 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 3.16.30 PM

2. Magical Unicorn Mask

Magical Unicorn Mask Reviews
Great for everyday wear, “Whether you’re relaxing in the enchanted grove or having your blood drunk by a weakened Dark Lord, I can guarantee you will be feeling elegant in this whimsical unicorn mask.” Ah yes, everyone truly does need a unicorn mask!


3. Playmobil Police Checkpoint

This classic children’s toy took a turn for the funny when reviewers started adding their current events spin on the toy. Be sure to check out Playmobil Security Checkpoint for even more tongue in cheek reviews!


4. Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable

Internet Cable Link Amazon Review

Who knew ordering a cable for your DVD player would be so soul searching and galactically changing? Reviewers have claimed an end to global warming,  the ability of the cord to read minds and producing space and time transmitting black holes. Now that’s a lot of bang for your buck!


5. Avery Durable View Binder with 2-Inch Slant Ring

Binder (for women) ReviewMade famous by Mitt Romney telling America he was given “binders full of women” when seeking resumes. People immediately flocked to Amazon to give their review of a binder FULL of women…whether you think it’s fair or not, lots of funny reviews!


binder2 binder3

I love that people still have their sense of humor and that Amazon tolerates all the crazy reviews.

What is the funniest review you have read? Would you buy a product just because it had a silly review?

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