Flashlight Fun – Activities for Kids

Flashlights are fun! Spend a few minutes before bedtime playing a flashlight game or two.


Flashlight Scavenger Hunt: Go on a night walk in a familiar area and see what you can find by the glow of a flashlight. Name one or two things at a time for your child to find, or pick one thing, such as acorns, and count how many you see on your walk. This is fun inside, too!

Flashlight Stomp: Shine the flashlight on the floor and let your child try to stomp on the light before it moves. Also try shining it on walls or furniture while your child tries to “tag” the light.

Make-Your-Own Constellations: Cut pieces of black paper to fit the end of your flashlight. Poke or punch holes in the paper in a design of your choice. Tape the paper to the end of the flashlight, shine it on the ceiling, and check out your very own constellation!

Forts & Flashlights: Even when it’s too cold outside for camping, you can set up a cozy fort inside. Bring in some books and read by flashlight.

Guess My Shape: Use your flashlight to “draw” a shape, letter, or number on the wall or ceiling. See if your child can guess what you drew. Take turns drawing and guessing.

Flashlight Dance: Put on some music and lay on the floor or in bed. Shine your flashlights on the ceiling and make them dance to the beat!

Have more fun ideas for flashlight play? Please share!

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    Love the ideas. The one about guess my shape is similar to a game I play with my kids, where we take turns writing letters or drawing shapes on our backs with our fingers, and guessing what they are. It’s fun and ticklish and no special equipment needed!