Focusing on Fun and Friendship with LEGO®

I know it’s been said before, but life moves pretty fast these days, and unless you slow down you just might miss it.

Me, I’m a busy mom with a 6 ½ year old daughter. Most days it seems we’re always on the go, go, go, but once in a while we get a chance to slow down and truly enjoy some quiet time together.

Thanks to LEGO® for helping us make some of that time this week a little more fun.

When I first presented my daughter with the LEGO® Blocks she looked at me with a quizzical face and asked, “What should we do with those?” But the instant the top came off the container her imagination come alive. She thought for a few minutes, and then asked me out loud, “What should we build?” Before I could take a breath she said, “I know, something me and my friends would play with at school…a jungle gym!”

Building with LEGO blocks for creative play

Snapping together the LEGO blocks - fun for kids of all ages!

Blocks immediately began to snap together, but when she couldn’t get them to line up properly to make the “monkey bars” she envisioned, she quickly shift gears, imagination taking over, and announced, “I think I would rather build a fort for me and my friends to play in.”

Building a LEGO fort - fun play!

It was interesting for me to see her hatch a plan, and then use her 1st grade math skills to strategically count out blocks to make sure her walls were the same height all around. And as she was building she would say things like, “we need to make towers,” and, “how will we connect things over here?”

Imaginative play with LEGO blocks for first graders

TA DA! Proud owner of the LEGO creation.

Several days later, more fun than we ever could have anticipated came to us in the form of a LEGO® Friends kit. From the moment she opened the box until the last piece was in place, my little girl was positively glowing!

I could tell that opening the kit felt a little overwhelming to her, as there are so many pieces, but once we got organized and started to follow the directions, she began to see the fruits of her labor. It wasn’t long before she slid the instruction booklet in front of her and began telling me what to snap together next!

Building a LEGO Friends car

As the project continued she became visibly more enthusiastic and confident. She began strategizing next moves and predicting what would go where…trouble shooting obstacles and exclaiming, “This is so fun! We are really building this car!”

LEGO block success builds confidence

Proudly building her own LEGO friends car

As a mom, it was so rewarding to see my daughter truly engaged in something that clearly made her feel so proud. She was proud of her ideas, proud of the skills she was able to use to plan and build her fort, proud of being able to take over the “Friends” project, and proud to accomplish all that she did. And I was proud of her for being so focused while still having so much fun.

Thanks LEGO® for allowing my daughter to combine logic and reasoning with playfulness and imagination.

Creative, logical, and imaginative play for girls with LEGO friends

Doesn’t her smile say it all!

This is a sponsored post. I was provided Lego Friends products and compensation but obviously we had fun. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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