Free Knitting Patterns for Dolls

It has been a while since I knitted anything. But then, net surfing one day, (procrastinating) I rediscovered renowned knitted doll designer Jean Greenhowe. Years ago I made a heap of dolls from her books. Why I loved them (apart from them being so darn cute) was because there was a range of boy dolls in there. There were not many boy dolls about at the time. I actually made a chef one with a birthday cake for my father when he turned 60.

Knitting Patterns for Toys

I was delighted to find her online and equally delighted to find some free knitting patterns for toys. I chose a cute Rainbow Baby pattern and pulled apart a crocheted blanket I had begun for the wool. (It was late at night and no shops open).

Free Knitting Patterns for Dolls

Free Knitting Patterns for Dolls

This wee guy measures a little over six and a half inches without the cap, and has a scarf and a Rainbow Pocket to slip into to.

Knitted Doll Clothes

This pattern is great for babies because there is nothing to hurt them. The eyes, nose and buttons are wool, so they can’t come off and disappear in mouths or scratch faces. You can sew the scarf and hat onto the doll too, if you are worried about that. The clothes, body and legs are knitted in one piece.

I had to make a heap of them, so the first guy wouldn’t be lonely – and they look just great hanging about in my lounge.

Knitting Patterns for Toys

Knitting Patterns for Toys

These dolls are quick to knit and take less than 25g of wool for each. A doll needs about 25g of fibre fill.

The pattern was actually the first exclusive free website pattern because Jean Greenhowe became aware people were making her dolls for charitable causes. Jean Greenhowe’s Free Rainbow Babies Pattern – scroll to the bottom of the page.

Happy crafting!

Mina 🙂

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    Avatar Sylvia Deacon says

    I am trying to get the knitting pattern for the Dracula toy doll. I have seen it of various websites that say the do the pattern but cannot get through the website gyrations. I seeyou have the picture…Do you have the instructions. Could you please e email them to me. I have spent a whole day tring to get them Or, maybe tell where i can buy them. Please and thankyou Sylvia

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    Avatar patti dutton says

    What cute wool dolls. Keep up the good work.