Free Sample GED Practice Tests

Whether you’re a parent making a choice to complete the General Educational Development (GED) diploma for yourself, or a homeschooling parent with a child who is ready to take the GED, study guides for the exam can really make the difference between passing on the first try or needing to retake one or more sections of the test.

History of the GED

In 1942 the American Council on Education created the GED at the request of the U.S. Army, which needed some kind of test to evaluate the education level of draftees during WWII. Army officials were chagrined to find that many soldiers lack basic general education skills, so the GED was used as a screening tool, and those soldiers who did not pass were given opportunities to learn.

Now the GED is used as an alternative to the high school diploma, and this high school equivalency exam is taken by more than 700,000 people each year worldwide. The test is broken into five sections: Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts Reading and Language Arts writing. Test takers must score a 410 or higher on each section, and must score a 2250 combined score or higher to receive the GED diploma.

Free Printable GED Practice Tests

Students can buy study guides for the GED, but there are plenty of free printable GED practice tests available online. The American Council on Education offers a wide range of practice materials, while McGraw Hill also provides sample exams for GED math test preparation, for instance.

About 20 percent of all GED test takers pass the entire exam on the first try, and in many cases these are people who used sample GED tests for practice, or who completed formal education through the 10th grade or higher and used GED study guides to prepare.

Why Are Printable GED Sample Exams So Important?

Sometimes using computer resources can interfere with study processes. At other times, access to a computer is limited, so if you or your teenager is studying for the science GED and need a free GED science study guide that is portable, a simple printout will do you more good than lugging a computer around for Internet access to online GED resources.

If using these free GED study guides isn’t enough, and you are struggling with a specific section of the GED, consider taking a GED prep course – most community colleges offer them for free – for maximum advantage.

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