Fun with Books: The Mitten by Jan Brett

Fun with Books

One of my favorite authors is Jan Brett. Her pictures are amazing, and I love that each picture is framed with another picture that either tells another story or gives clues to what is going to happen next (great for predicting, which is an important reading skill for children to learn). One of my children’s favorites is The Mitten.

The Mitten by Jan Brett


  • When Nicki drops one of his snow-white mittens in the snow, he doesn’t even notice! It’s not long before some woodland creatures discover it and crawl inside to get warm, each one getting progressively bigger. What happens to that snow-white mitten?

Activity Ideas:

  • This is such a fun story in and of itself! But there is so much more you can do—first to stretch the learning, and also to have fun! On Brett’s personal website are printables of each character in the story that you can use. They are fun to make into puppets that your children can then use to act out the story. It’s fun to get or make a white mitten or glove that they can place their puppets into.

The Mitten Puppets With Glove

The Mitten Puppets with Paper Mitten for Lacing

  • Another fun activity is to actually act it out with your own bodies. There are many ways to do this so be creative, but I’ll share with you how we do it.
  1. Get a white sheet and lay it on the floor, folded in half; this is our white mitten.
  2. Each person gets to choose an animal from the story to be (sometimes we have two of some animals and none of others; that’s okay, too!). You could also have a headband or simple costume for the kids to put on that corresponds to each animal.
  3. Retell the story vocally, letting each child have a chance to act out their part. When the mouse squeezes in at the end, the child who is the bear pretends to sneeze, and the “mitten” and animals “fly” into the air and land all crazy on the floor! I promise this will result in rounds of giggles!

This is a fun rainy or snowy day activity. The kids love to re-enact the story over and over!

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    We went to the library and checked out The Mitten! My kids loved the book! They loved being able to “guess” what the next animal would be to enter the mitten, and their favorite part was the end when the boy has one mitten that is HUGE! We then printed out the animals and mittens from the website. It made such an impression on them to do an activity at home along with the story. So much fun! Thanks for this great activity! Next time, we’ll act it out ourselves!

  2. 10

    I love this book too ! Great activities!

  3. 11
    Avatar Marlene Pulsipher says

    Wonderful activities. I love this book!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. 12

    What a fantastic idea! My girls love this book and we will be sure to do this!

  5. 13

    You always have such fun activities to go along with the books. Keep writing!

  6. 14

    This is a great post. I love how you address that early literacy isn’t just reading a book, but is comprehension and discussion. Looking forward to more posts from you here in the future.

  7. 15
    Avatar teachingtinytots says

    here is a link to my teaching blog we do a reading theme challenge every week and this week was THE MITTEN! we even got on jan brett’s website under blog n books!!! it was a real thrill for me since my girls love her books!

  8. 16

    You must be a fabulous mother! What energy! What a childhood your children will have! This is a good example of using your creativity and education to enhance your mothering and homemaking. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!


  9. 17

    These are some good ideas! Way to be creative. I bet your kids have a great time acting out those parts. Keep sharing these ideas!