Getting Organized with My Neat Receipts Scanner

Neat Receipts Software

In my quest to be more electronically organized I have come back to my trusty Neat Receipts Scanner. I am always trying to figure out how I can better organize my business information. That is when I came up with the idea to use my Neat Receipts scanner to input my clients paperwork. Then I found out that it is great for a whole lot of other things as well.

Not only do I use my Neat Receipts Scanner to capture my client intake sheets and paperwork, but I also use it to scan in any business cards and related information, receipts for taxes and for any personal paperwork that I need to keep up with.

Using Neat Receipts for Business

I have a lot of business paperwork that I have to keep up with on my clients. I also use a iPhone and would like to have my client documents where I can get to them. That is when I thought why not scan in all the documents with my Neat Receipts Scanner and then I will be able to organize all of the paperwork electronically by client and have it on the go when I need it.

The Neat Receipts software makes it so easy to organize my information once I have it scanned in. I can make folders by type or client name. The possibilities are endless.

Using Neat Receipts for Personal

I am the queen of sticky notes and little pieces of paper. I will jot down ideas and such on anything within reach. The Neat Receipts Scanner has helped me to capture all of my grand ideas by scanning in those sheets of paper and that way I can get rid of all the paper clutter and see my sketches and doodles right on my computer. I can then organize my personal thoughts and ideas into categories and folders. It’s a great way to keep kid’s school work and art that you just don’t have room for anymore. You can also scan in recipes and bills if you like.

Using Neat Receipts for Taxes

The Neat Receipts Scanner is perfect for keeping up with all your receipts for tax time. The software that comes with the scanner has great OCR recognition that reads and sorts the information that is on your receipts. You can also add other information relevant to the receipt right in the software. You can sort your receipts into different categories and be highly organized and less stressed when tax time comes. Having my receipts in one place and digitally assessable helps make tax time a breeze when I am itemizing.

If you are like me and are wanting to get rid of all the paper clutter then give the Neat Receipts Scanner a try. There are so many ways to use it and be more productive.

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