13 Halloween Candy Alternatives

Halloween is right around the corner and my kids are so excited! They see the decorations in the stores and around our neighborhood and keep asking if its time yet. I love taking them out trick or treating! It’s also such a good time and they come back with bags loaded full of goodies. Its fun to get candy, but I always appreciate the person who puts the practical treat in the kid’s bags. While I take the kids out door to door, my husband stays home and hands out our goodies, that aren’t candy! Here are our top Halloween candy alternatives!

Non-Candy Halloween Treat
The kids may not appreciate a toothbrush in their treat bags but, a gentle subliminal message won’t hurt. And they get a fun pair of fangs, too!

  • Bouncy Balls
  • Whistles
  • Raisins

Non-candy Halloween treats - Ghost juice boxes
With a roll of white electrical tape and some sticky googly eyes you have the perfect Mummy Juice Box!

  • Pens/Pencils
  • Stickers
  • Small Puzzles/Games

Non-candy halloween treat for kids
On Halloween, the dark comes pretty quickly. Keep kids safe {and seen} with Pumpkin Glow Stick Necklaces!

  • Funny Glasses
  • Coins
  • Crayons

Non-candy halloween treats for kids - Cookie cutters
A mini tub of PlayDoh and a Halloween cookie cutter would be a HUGE hit among the preschool aged trick-or-treaters!

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I know, I know, Halloween is all about the candy! Its true, candy is one of the biggest perks of the holiday. But let me tell you, when I was out with the kids in the sticky, humid weather of South Texas, I was never more thankful for a juice box for my kiddos! I think I thanked the lady 3 times for the handing them out. The idea was genius and every much appreciated!

So what about you – are you handing out candy or going the alternative route this year?

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