DIY Halloween Costumes for the Entire Family

Halloween is one of my most favorite times of year. There’s something about the cooler weather, the over-abundance of candy {mmm…Reese’s!}, and the adorable kiddos dressed in Halloween costumes. When my kids were younger I dressed them in theme. The first year my two boys were Batman and Robin. The following year they were Captain Hook and Peter Pan. When we had our third son they all dressed as Star Wars characters, Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper and the baby was Yoda. Once my oldest son formed his own opinion, I lost my say-so in who wore what. And, that’s okay, I guess. We all still have fun deciding on who or what they’ll all dress-up as. Some years, they choose something that really makes me put on my thinking cap and get down and dirty with the glue gun. Other years, it’s as easy as heading to the nearest big box store.

Each year I secretly hope my husband will agree to dress-up as a family. It would be uber awesome if HE suggested it! {never happening. LOL} Read on to see lots of ideas for everyone from baby to big kid, couples to families. I had a lot of fun looking for ideas for you. I even have a family theme picked out for my family. Maybe this year will be the year my husband agrees to dressing up!

Baby halloween costume - Adorable Snowman

/1/ Frozen’s Olaf Costume – Do you wanna build a snowman? Goodness, I love this guy. This costume is sure to get your little one a ton on attention while trick-or-treating!

baby toddler halloween costume - Baby sushi? Oh my gosh adorable!
/2/ Sushi Roll – Short on time? This sushi roll costume will come together in a snap!

50's era halloween costume

/3/ 50’s Era Poodle Skirt – If I had a time machine and could travel to any era I wanted, I would go to the 50’s, for sure! Poodle skirts and saddle shoes are my jam! {although, not too cool currently. Bummer.} This skirt requires very little sewing and is perfect for a novice seamstress.

Boys halloween diy costume - woodsman!

/4/ Lumberjack with Beard and Ax – You could pull the clothing needed for this costume right from your son’s closet. Making the beard and the ax will be a breeze and your little guy can go chop down some trees!

Comic strip diy halloween costume

/5/ Pop Art Girl – You’re just finding out that you need to dress-up tomorrow? You can make the POW! button either with your printer or a few markers and cardstock. The make-up can be your own, applied in a very exaggerated manner. Have fun with it!

Woman's Fruit Halloween Costume

/6/ Pineapple Costume – I love the simplicity of this costume. Also, don’t want to be dressed as a pineapple all day? Just take off your headband!

[sc:adsense ]

DIY Couples Halloween Costume - Mary Poppins and Chimney Sweep

/7/ Mary Poppins and Bert – The best place to shop for the pieces needed to recreate these adorable costumes is either in your own closet or at the thrift store.

1980's Care Bear Halloween Costume Tutorial

/8/ Care Bear Costumes – Do you remember these lovable bears from the 1980’s? Rainbow Bear was my favorite. These costumes would even be great for a whole group of little boys and girls!

DIY Halloween Costume - Caveman family

/9/ Caveman Family – Here’s a twist on the Flintstone family costumes. I think my favorite part is that Mom is “missing” a tooth. Surely, it’s pretty accurate to true cave man times.

DIY Halloween Costumes for families - 101 Dalmations.

/10/ 101 Dalmations Family  – Oh, Cruella. She’s got her sidekick and a few puppies to keep her company.

Native American Family DIY Costume

/11/ Native American Family  – This costume idea gives me a reason to go buy the moccasin boots I’ve been wanting for so long! I love that the little girls are wearing brown tutu’s. The tops that Mom and Dad are wearing are simply tea-stained. This family costume idea is my favorite!

Your turn! Show us your favorite Halloween costumes. They can be from years past or even what you’re working on for this year. Will you share them with us on our Facebook page? We can’t wait to see them!

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