Halloween Costumes You Can Make from Home

One of the most expensive parts of Halloween is the costume. The cost of Halloween costumes can add up quickly with the cost of accessories, makeup and the costume, especially if you have more than one child. Here are three easy costume ideas you can make at home without spending too much money. You can also learn some easy ways to save on costume expenses here.

Zombie Costume

Zombies are popular this year. Your teenager or your child may want to be a zombie, and this is an easy costume to put together yourself. The most expensive component of a zombie costume is the make up, but if you search dollar stores you could be in luck!

  1. Find or purchase old clothes from a thrift shop. You can go with a theme such as a prom or wedding zombies or just have an ordinary zombie. Tear the clothes, and get them dirty. When you tear the clothing you should be careful where you make the tears.
  2. Tease or rat your hair. Girls with long hair will have much more dramatic hair. Boys may just need their hair to look messy.
  3. Apply zombie make up to your face and skin. Dark circles under eyes and pale skin will make you look like a zombie. You can add bruising and blood on your neck or arms to represent bite marks. Paint your fingernails black.

Animal Costume

If you are looking for a more family friendly or child friendly option dressing your child up as an animal such as a puppy, kitty, teddy bear or cow is an easy costume to put together on your own.

  1. Find a sweat suit that you can use for the costume. A dog may be gray, brown or white. A cat can be orange, yellow or gray. A bear should be brown and a cow should be white.
  2. Purchase felt in a complementing color to the costume. You can also use construction paper if you want to save money on the costume. Cut the felt or paper into stripes or spots that would match the animal and pin them to different areas on the costume.
  3. Create the ears for the animal using a headband and felt. Cut the felt ears out in the correct shape for the animal. A dog can have long floppy ears that you hot glue to the headband so they fall over the side of your child’s face. Cats have pointy ears, while bears have rounded ears. Glue the ears on to the headband.

Make a tail by stuffing socks that match the costume and pinning it to the back of the costume.

Finish up the costume by applying a minimal amount of make up. You can color in the nose and add whiskers using an eyebrow pencil.

A Flower Costume

This is a great costume for a little girl or an older girl who wants to be something unique, but very girly. You can create a flower in your daughter’s favorite color, and the costume is easy to assemble.

  1. Find a green sweat suit or green shirt and green pants. This will be the stem of the flower. Cut two leaves out of green cardstock and drawn in the veins on the leaves with a green magic marker. Attach the leaves to the sleeves of each arm. You can add more leaves if you want to.
  2. Create a flower mask using cardstock and a large piece of poster board. You will need to cut a circle for the center of the flower, and then cut a circle inside of that for your child’s head to go through. Attach the petals cut out of cardstock to the circle. You can attach the mask to a sweat headband to the mask with hot glue and your child can wear the mask that way. Face make up is optional, not necessary but you can apply it if your child wants some.

Image: Piyachok Thawornmat / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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