Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers

It’s officially time to shop for holidays gifts. The turkey has been eaten, the pie plates were licked clean and Black Friday has come and gone. Have a photographer friend or in your family? Here are 10 awesome gifts that are sure to make their holiday brighter!

Photographer Gift List Blurb Gift Card

Blurb Gift Card

If the photographer in your life is like many of the ones I know, they probably don’t get a chance to make many of their own, personal photo albums. Photographers are also guilty of hoarding photos on their computers and never having a chance to print them out! A gift card from Blurb will put them one step closer to having their own beautiful photos in their hands. Blurb makes gorgeous, professional looking albums at a fraction of the price! The best part is you can make it for as small or big as you would like.

Photographer Gift List Wifi SD Card

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

Now you can turn any camera into a camera with wi-fi capabilities with this SD card. You can send JPEG and RAW files to your smartphone, table AND computer! Back up your photos instantly and easily from almost anywhere. This is should be a gift on EVERYONE’S list!

Photographer Gift List Camera Lens Mug

Camera Lens Mug

What do photographers usually love just as much as their precious cameras? Coffee! These coffee mugs are the perfect addition to any photographers morning (or afternoon…or evening…) for that perfect cup of joe. They are lined in stainless steel and even come with a lens cap top. Just make sure they are pouring coffee into the mug and not their actual lens first thing in the morning!
Photographer Gift List Wooden Toy Camera

Wooden Toy Camera

Have a budding photographer on your hands? Let them play and pretend along side of you next time you get your camera out. Made of all natural wood and finished with beeswax and jojoba oil, these wooden camera toys are sure to be a hit! You can even get them personalized for that little special someone.

Photographer Gift List Camera Strap

Camera Strap

Chances are, your favorite photographer has colorful and creative personality. Why not let them show some of that personality by dressing up their camera? These beautiful camera straps come in dozens of designs and colors. Pick one you feel suits them best or let them pick their own. No matter what, they are bound to have a smile on their face every time they pick up their camera and think of you!



Photographer Gift List Camera Cookie Cutters

Camera Cookie Cutters

Know a shutterbug that also loves to bake? This is the perfect stocking stuffer for them. The set comes with three different designs and a dough stamp that adds all of the perfect details to your camera cookies.

Photographer Gift List iPhone Lens

Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens

This is a great gift for professionals and hobbyists. No matter what your skill level chances are you use your phone to take a lot of photos. This great 4-in-1 lens by Olloclip lets you expand your iPhone’s lens capabilities in a snap! Fisheye, Wide Angle, 10x and 15x Macro lenses let you push your photography skills to the max, all on your phone!

Photographer Gift List Lens Cap Holder

Lens Cap Holder

If you or someone you know is always losing their lens cap then this is the perfect gift for them! Simply attach it to your camera strap and you never have to worry about losing your cap again. The lens cap simply pops on to the holder until you are done with your camera and ready to put it back on. Genius!

Photographer Gift List Camera Gloves

Camera Gloves

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from taking great photos. Simply por the finger tip off of the pointer finger and click away, either on your camera or your phone. Available in seven colors and made from a super soft cashmere blend, these are sure to keep your hands warm all winter long.

Photographer Gift List Camera Bag

Ona Chelsea Bag

This is certainly a gift for special occasions but what a beautiful gift it is! This gorgeous camera bag by Ona will make any woman swoon with its beautiful details room for all of her camera gear.  The bag fits a DSLR body and up to three lenses, and has two pockets for personal items. It is available in two colors and is beautiful enough for every day use. If you want to buy a show stopper of a present, this is it!



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