How to find a book club in your area

How to Find a Book ClubUntil recently, I thought book clubs were somewhat of a myth — something depicted in movies and (yes) books, but nothing that actually occurred in real life. I’d never really known anyone in a book club, though part of me had longed to be in one. I love to read – what better than to read and connect with people in one fell swoop?

Finding a book club wasn’t something I did consciously – maybe because I never really knew how. There are ways to find a book club near you.

Check Meetup for Groups near  you

I’d heard of people using Meetup to find playgroups, mother’s groups, and even jogging groups – but never book clubs, however – there ARE book clubs on Meetup. Lots of them. Meetup is not only searchable by geographic location, but by type of group as well.

Check Your Local Library

The library near me hosts several book clubs – divided by genre. One offering is even directed towards those that are also writers – making it more of a book club – slash – workshop.

Start Your Own

Do you have a few friends that have similar taste in reading materials as you? If so, why not ask them to join you in your book club. That’s how the group I’m in started — one friend wanted to be in a book club so badly that she sent a message out to her local friends via Facebook. Voila! Here we are.

Join GoodReads

Several weeks ago, I posted about book clubs here on Blissfully Domestic and a reader invited me to her virtual book club on Good Reads. I joined and fell in love with GoodReads (and they have an iPhone app, which makes life easier). Not only can you track the books you have read or want-to-read, but you can take parts in groups – even book clubs.

I’ve since started a group for Blissfully Domestic on Good Reads – if you would like to take part in a book club, but don’t have time for monthly meetings outside the home you are certainly welcome to join this group (as well as some of the many other options on Good Reads). I hope to have a few book choices each month to fit our tastes in books.

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    Sarah, you can also find book clubs on, which is a good resource for book lovers who want to connect with others.