How to Make a Handprint Bat Craft for Kids


make-a-bat-kids-craftIt’s October so let’s get ready for Halloween! For families that choose not to participate in Halloween this craft can still be useful, simply leave out the red fangs and change up the color scheme.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need black, red and orange construction paper, glue, some crayons, scissors and googly eyes.
  2. Start by having your child draw a bunch of fun nighttime things on the orange paper, stars, a moon, even an owl would be great! You can help if your little one is still young or skip it like we did. I added the stars, etc… after we were done just for y’all.
  3. Trace your child’s hands on black paper.
  4. Have your child color the hands with a white crayon.
  5. While they are coloring, draw a bat head. Don’t worry about making mistakes we’ll use the opposite side and cut out small red fangs.
  6. Cut the head and hands out.
  7. Put two globs of glue on your orange paper for the hands.
  8. IMG_5227Pop the hands on, don’t worry about what sides are up, one of ours is upside down , but make sure they meet in the middle .
  9. Add the head.
  10. Glue on the fangs. I usually add the glue then help direct him where to put them, saying things like ” Can you point the triangle down,” but if I wasn’t blogging it I wouldn’t be so concerned with how it “looks.”  A good tip is to talk about what you are adding saying “Fangs are big teeth, where should the bat’s teeth go?”
  11. Add the eyes! If your child is still eating things like mine did forever, you can draw eyes on with a white crayon instead.

All done! A fun Halloween, or Nocturnal Animal, craft you can enjoy making with your little one.

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