How To Make A No-Knit Scarf!

No-Knit scarves Tutorial

Wondering how to make a DIY scarf that you won’t have to knit?

Winter remains our chilly companion but with the cold season coming to a close in a month or two, even people who do yarn craft don’t have time to make new cold weather accessories before it’s too warm to wear them.

Try any of these five no-knit tutorials and patterns. You’ll have an adorable new scarf in a jiffy!

Braided Sweater Scarf w text

Braided Sweater Scarf at Just Another Day In Paradise 

Draped Braided Scarf w textDraped Braided Scarf at Nette Vivante

Finger Knit Rope Scarf w text Long Finger Knit Rope Scarf at Craftsy

Twisted Chunky Scarf w text

Chunky Twisted Scarf at Honestly

Knotted No Knit Scarf

Knotted N0-Knit Scarf at Martha Stewart

 Have you tried your hand at making your own winter accessories? Let us know in the comments and keep warm out there!

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