How to Put on Make Up for Teenagers Going Back to School

Photo by Trostle

The Back to School season is officially upon us and that means new people, new environment and a chance to make a fresh start. Here is a really helpful video that shows how to put on make up in a light, fresh, everyday look perfect for teens heading back to school.


You’ll notice that she keeps the foundation light and uses a good skin moisturizer at the same time to help blend the foundation. I used to mix the two in the palm of my hand and apply with a cheap sponge applicator.

Steps for Back to School Makeup for Teens

Foundation For Your Makeup Look – She used foundation, concealer and highlighter, as well as moisturizer to create the base for her face. Powder applied with a brush was the next step. Then she used some bronzer to help create contour and warmth for her face.

Eyebrows and Eyelid Makeup – In the video she used a dark brown eyeshadow for enhancing the look of her eyebrows. This always worked way better than an eyebrow pencil for me as well. She primed her eyes – I never did.

How to Apply Eye Makeup – Place a highlight, base shade of eyeshadow across the entire eyelid. The “lid shade” of the eyeshadow she used on the center of her eyelid and swept the color out. Line your eye with just a touch of eyeliner and do not outline the entire eye of you’ll look like cat woman! She used the darker tones of eyeshadow to highlight and smudge the eyeliner line which I love – what a great way to keep the eyes looking more natural and blended!

Applying Mascara and Curling Eyelashes – Keep it simple and apply from lid to tip. Curl eyelashes if desired.

Lipstick – My “can’t go without it” makeup step. I often mix lipsticks as she did and found it tends to work best by applying the matte lipstick first and covering with a slicker, lighter-weight lip gloss or lipstick on top.

Blush – Quick, easy and for heaven’s sake don’t brush it all the way into your hairline! I love that she left it for last and only applied when she needed it. Often teenagers won’t need blush – especially if they’ve been in the sun recently.

Remember you can skip any step you feel like it. If you just don’t want to wear eye-shadow that day, there’s nothing wrong with that! But these steps will give you a complete, fresh look that is perfect for casual daytime wear such as school.

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