How to Shoot Pinnable Photos for Your Blog

Pinterest is a boon for bringing traffic to your blog or website and if you pin correctly you can reap huge rewards. But in order to do that you need images to pin! Here are some tips to remember when taking photos for pinterest-friendly blog posts.

Images that receive the most pins on Pinterest tend to be vertical and take up a lot of real estate in your feed. A pretty, handmade ceramic bowl holding a few biscuits looks more attractive when paired with the addition of a sprig of rosemary and a white cloth napkin. Here are a few tips and tricks to make the images you create for your blog more pinnable.


Great Lighting. Natural light is ideal for still life images, but, there are times you will need a little extra lighting. Try to shoot in bright, but not too bright lighting. If you can shoot close to a window, do that! Don’t be afraid to use a lamp to add more light to your staging area. Play around with the light and shoot lots of pictures different angles.


Experiment with Perspective. Sometimes, shooting  your subject dead on is exactly what you want. Other times, playing around with the shadows and angles makes for a more striking image. Don’t be afraid to get down on your belly and shoot from that perspective. Try shooting from a high angle and see what kind of image you come up with.


Useful Props. Props are a great way to stage your shots and help create a story with your pictures. Thrift stores are prime for picking up unique plates, cups and knick-knacks to use as props. Fabric stores tend to have a variety of “ugly fabric” that is horrible for clothing, but great for your staged shots. Keep your eyes open for all kinds of interesting and colorful objects you can use to enhance the story you tell with your photos.


Flattering Backgrounds. Believe it or not, the messy room you are shooting your staged image in is not a flattering background. If you have a less than ideal place to stage,  grab a piece of fabric or a white poster board and use that as your background. Chalkboards have become very popular as backgrounds and are easy to make. The background should support the main subject of your photos and never compete for attention.

Creating pin-worthy images is not hard, it just takes a little thought and a little staging. If you have not tried your hand at staging your pictures before, have fun, experiment and remember to keep on shooting!

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Lucrecer is an award-winning photographer, mom of two awesome girls and a boy, writer, speaker and vlogger. She draws inspiration from her family and everyday life and she shares it in video and pictures on her blog, Connect with her on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Instagram.

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