How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids

Do you want to learn some tips on how to take great photos of your kids? Do all of the photos of your children include super cheesy smiles or the back of their head as they run away? I have photographed many children during my career, and photographing my daughter can still be the most challenging subject for me. But there are a few things I have learned along the way. Keep reading to learn five tips on how to take great photos of your kids!

How to take good photos of your kids

1. Get down on their level
One of the things that can set apart a “good” photo from a “great” one is the angle in which it was taken. As an adult it is second nature to take photos on your level, and to point the camera down on kids when trying to take their photo. While you might get a good snapshot that way, try moving down to your kids level instead. You start to see the world from their perspective and getting down on their level will give your photos a more intimate feeling.

Candid Photos for Great Photos of Your Kids

2. Take candids
My daughter has gotten to the point where every time I take my camera out (either my dSLR or my iphone) she immediately goes running. Does that sound familiar to you? So, how do I work around it? I take candid photos. I get out my zoom lens and try to quietly set up my camera. I will often sit off to the side and stay very quiet during those rare moments when she is happily playing by herself. On a good day I can get five or ten minutes of quiet photo taking before she notices what I’m doing. This is when I can capture the most realistic and honest photos of our days together.

Set up an activity for great kids photography

3. Set up an activity
Related to point #2 – set up something fun and engaging for your child(ren) to do while you try and take their photo. Right now the favorites in my house include painting, coloring and playing with play-doh. If I set any of those activities up my daughter is so distracted by them that she barely notices that I am happily snapping away. I love involving art projects in my photographs as well. It brings a pop of color and let’s the kids get creative – and messy!
Capture the Details - Great Kids Photos Inspirations

4. Capture the details
Those little curls, chubby fingers and baby rolls must not be forgotten! Try and capture all of the little details that will disappear all too soon. The way your son sucks his thumb or how your daughter’s hair falls across her face as she is coloring. Chubby baby fingers holding a rattle for the first time…there are so many amazing details to choose from! My daughter has this one tiny curl on the back of her head that I am forever trying to photograph. I know it won’t be there forever and it will always remind me of when she was a toddler!

How to take great photos of your kids

5. Don’t force it
We all have those days. Sometimes, no matter what we try, our kids just don’t want to cooperate. And that’s OK! Put the camera away and try again another day. By knowing when to put the camera away and not force the issue, you might get a better reaction the next time you take it out.

Do you have any tips for taking great photos of your kids? Share them with us in the comments!

*all photos taken by Tracy Cepelak of Tracy Lynn Photography

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