How To: Vampire Halloween Makeup

Vampires are most definitely “in” right now. With shows like Twilight, True Blood, and Vampire Diaries you might be toying with the idea about becoming sporting a vampire costume for Halloween. There is a total spectrum of vampire looks from super sexy to super scary and now thanks to the popular TV shows, even human-like. Let’s hit somewhere in between with this makeup look. You’ll have your trick or treaters and friends applauding your effort with this step by step vampire makeup tutorial.

Photo By Flickr Juliana Coutinho

Step 1: Complexion

Two things are important in getting your complexion just right – paleness and translucency. Buy some white liquid Halloween face makeup to mix with your tinted moisturizer. Stay away from using full coverage foundation and stay away from a thick cream white face paint. Mix the two products on the back of your hand and then apply to the face sparingly with a complexion sponge (or fingers will work too, just blend very well.) Make sure to blend all around the eyes, on the eye lids, and down on to the neck depending on your vampire costume. Extra tip: use complexion primer to make your makeup last all night.

Step 2: Contour

Remember that vampires are the undead so you’ll need to make your face look slightly sunken in. To achieve this you will need to contour just under the cheek bones. Take some matte bronzer with a blush brush. Squeeze the brush so the bristles are in the a tight line. Before you apply below the cheek bones suck your cheeks in and make a “fishy face.” Now you can really see where the contour should go. Start two inches from the lips and extend the contour all the way back in to the hairline. Blend well!

Step 3: Eyebrows

Draw them in thick. Vampires have a brooding look to them. To get that look you need to draw in your eyebrows with a pencil. Always remember when penciling in your eyebrows that you want to use the pencil in short strokes to replicate the hairs.

Step 4: Eyes

You can take a couple approaches to the eyelids. Either leave them pale or make a smokey eye by applying black liner to the lash line and smudge into a smokey line. Or just go totally scary and just concentrate on the hollows under the eye. Take a matte eyeshadow that’s a bluey-gray color and apply it right under the bottom lash line and thicker as you get towards the nose. Blend well!

Step 5: Lips

Photo By Flickr AlishaV

Photo By Flickr AlishaV

Most vampire makeup looks go either for a pale lip or for red lipstick. However if you want to achieve the best blood sucking lips you need to go for lip stain. Try the Twilight Lip Venom from Duwop.

Extra: Fangs and blood are optional!

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